Hello everyone!

I have been away from my blog for a very long time and I have missed it so much. But I have a very good reason... I promise! In June, I left home on the biggest adventure of my life, backpacking in South East Asia for 4 months - with 2 of those months travelling completely solo. It was one of the most challenging, scary and emotional times ever, but overall it was an incredibly positive experience. Today I wanted to share some of the things that I loved the most about this time on my own.

1) Meeting new people

As someone who typically has always seen herself as an introvert, the idea of going up to complete strangers and trying to make friends with them was one of the most daunting things for me when I decided that I was going to solo travel. However, it was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. As I was predominately staying in hostels, a lot of people were in the same boat and taking a solo trip just like me. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I wanted nothing more than to just spend time with friends and family that I was already comfortable with - I can find socialising a bit draining, but when you're seeing amazing new sights and experiencing new things every day with like-minded people it's easy to just enjoy the moment.

2) Getting complete freedom

This was the first time I have ever been away and been able to do anything according to my own time frame, eat wherever I wanted to and see the sights I wanted to see. I was even able to spend as much time reading as I wanted to (amazing for a self-confessed book worm).

3) Having a chance to miss my loved ones

This one may sound like a strange one, but I think that we can all be guilty of taking our nearest and dearest for granted. But being away from everyone made me very aware of how much I appreciate each and every one of them. Seeing all of them when I got home was absolutely amazing and I felt so appreciative.  

Thank you for reading this post, I can't wait to start publishing my content in more detail about the places I went. Have you ever solo travelled or are you thinking about it? Let me know in the comments! 

Love, Yasmin xxx

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