Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to write about something which has affected me quite a lot in the last nine months. As some of you may know, I graduated from university in 2018 and have now been out of full-time education since last June, but I still don't feel like it has fully sunk in that that part of my life is over.

I know that when a big life event ends, you can sometimes see it through 'rose-tinted glasses' but I knew when I was living it, that my university years were some of the best that I have had. I loved the independence, living with my friends, the city and my degree and whilst there were ups and downs over the 3 years that I was there, I wouldn't have changed that experience for the world.

Pretty much overnight, my life completely flipped over. On the Saturday, I was partying with my uni friends at our annual 'summer ball' in Bournemouth, wearing fancy dress and dancing around drunk, without a care in the world. Two days later, I had packed up all my things and made my way back to my parent's house in Essex to start my new full-time job on Monday. This was a complete shock to my system, and I felt I had to keep pushing thoughts about uni out of my mind otherwise I would find myself getting overly upset.

After I had completed my first week on the job, I became stroppy and irritable and ended up crying to my boyfriend, realising I had such a low mood as I was essentially leaving the life I had loved so much behind.

I heard someone describe this year after university as 'the lost year', and I couldn't agree more with the name of this. I decided to write this blog post because after talking to my friends and seeing other posts on social media, it appears that this feeling is very common between new graduates. Some people who didn't go to uni have said that it is because students have been used to the relaxed lifestyle of university, and can't be bothered with the 'real world'. While I can't speak for everyone, in my experience, I can say that this is definitely not the case.

Here are the things that I miss or are affecting me the most:

  • Going from living with my best friends to only seeing them a maximum of once a month
  • The independence of living away from home in a city I loved to being back in my childhood bedroom at my parents
  • Feeling like I've lost my identity in some ways. Before I was a uni student, but now I just have a job like everyone else.
  • Seeing people who are still at uni having an excellent time
  • Looking back on how I did uni and regretting parts of it/ feeling as though I could have done certain parts better.
  • Feeling like my life should be completely together and I should know exactly what I want to do now.
  • Learning! My brain definitely feels less engaged now that I'm not constantly studying or working towards large pieces of work.

I'm not really sure what the point of writing this post was, I don't think I have any tips or anecdotes about how to get through it... I guess I just wanted to share in case anybody was feeling the same way as me. I am so grateful that I had such an amazing university experience in the first place to be feeling this way, but I'm not entirely sure how to get out of the funk I have been feeling since I left? 

And don't get me wrong, I have had some absolutely phenomenal times this year including travel, music events and experiencing new things, as well as finally having my own money for pretty much the first time ever. Overall looking my life right now is great, but there is still a longing for what once was.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this topic in the comments, I would love to hear them.

Love, Yasmin xxx


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  2. When I left uni back in 2015 I was heartbroken. Just like you said, uni had been some of the best and most fun years of my life and it took me months to get over the blues! However, just know that you will come though the other side... I look back at my time at uni with fondness but I no longer feel so sad and nostalgic like I once did. Nowadays I enjoy being more independent, not feeling guilty about watching Netflix (I used to hate knowing I had a pile of essays to finish!) and actually having money to spend (I was always SKINT as a student). Regardless, I'm grateful that my uni experience was so wonderful and I'll always have my memories :) xxx

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