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I am so excited that I am finally getting round to writing my travel post about Lisbon. To say I fell in love with this city would be an understatement. I was completely blown away by so many parts of it and I had such a wonderful time. It is the first place that I have ever travelled alone, and I couldn't have wished for it to go any better. I'll be writing a separate post about my experience of travelling solo, but today I wanted to tell you guys all about my favourite parts of this city.


I stayed at 'Inn Possible' and I couldn't have asked for a better place to be located! It was in walking distance of both the Alfama and the centre of the city and was in a very nice building. It was very clean as well as light and open, as well as serving free breakfast every morning and having great facilities in case you wanted to cook for yourself. 


Wondering around the Alfama district

This was my favourite part of the city. This is the area that is barely touched by tourism compared to the rest of the cities. Lots of little back streets and you can really see what it is like for the locals.

View from the top of the lift

Since Lisbon is such a hilly city, there are glorious views all over the city. One of the best is at the top of a lift, that was originally made for convenience but now has become somewhat of a tourist attraction. I was going to go up, but the minute I saw how long the queue was and that you had to pay, I decided to go around the back and climb the hill myself. I got an amazing view of the city and a little leg workout!

Listened to Fado music 

Fado music is traditional live Portuguese music. We went and saw it over dinner, and it was a beautiful, emotional and unique type of music. The musicians take themselves very seriously, and the lights are dimmed and the room is silent whilst they perform.

Belem Tower and the monastery de Jeronimos

On the last day, I took a vintage tram to Belem to see some of the gorgeous sites round there. Both Belem tower and the Monastery were stunning buildings architecturally definitely worth the slightly longer journey out of Lisbon.

Eating and Drinking


When I first arrived at my hostel, I was lucky to arrive at the same time as 3 of my roommates. The man at reception said that we get a welcome shot, and it was the traditionally Portuguese Ginginha, which is liqueur made by infusing ginja berries, (sour cherry) (Prunus cerasus austera, the Morello cherry) in alcohol. It was so delicious so would say definitely give this a go if you are in Portugal!

Juicy - Vegan Cafe

One of the main things that I noticed about Lisbon, was that it was so hard to find Vegetarian options. They are really into fish and meat is in pretty much all of their traditional dishes. Luckily, Happy Cow came to the rescue, and I found a trendy little vegan cafe called Juicy. I got the soup of the day and sweet potato fries, but they had so many options.

Vegetable Paella at Pastelaria A Tentação

One evening, my roommates and I were looking for somewhere to eat near to the hostel, and we came across this little restaurant. It really didn't look like much, but they did amazing traditional Portuguese food, and I was even able to get a vegetarian option! I went for the vegetable paella, but I was told that the sardines and seafood paella was very good too.


You have probably seen these before, but Natos, the traditional Portuguese custard tarts were to die for and you have to try them if you find yourself in Lisbon. Unfortunately, I was not prepared enough to get the ones with the secret ingredient, but normal ones are sold everywhere, and they are pretty amazing.

Eight- The health lounge

This was another vegan place that I managed to find, and I opted for a 'cheese' on toast and herbal 'happy' tea. Really good range of vegan options in a trendy setting.

Thank you for reading my round up of Lisbon! Have you been there? What were your favourite parts? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Yasmin xxxx

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