Hello everyone!

I am so excited that I am finally getting round to writing my travel post about Lisbon. To say I fell in love with this city would be an understatement. I was completely blown away by so many parts of it and I had such a wonderful time. It is the first place that I have ever travelled alone, and I couldn't have wished for it to go any better. I'll be writing a separate post about my experience of travelling solo, but today I wanted to tell you guys all about my favourite parts of this city.


Hello everyone,

Happy International Women's Day 2019! I am absolutely in love with today, and particularly with how positive and uplifting my social feeds are. Every story, post and picture are filled with positive quotes and women unapologetically loving, respecting and praising each other. It's purely magical.


Hello Everyone!

It feels like everyone and their mother has the new years resolution to travel more, which I am all for. I think that travelling and experiences new places, people, food and cultures are not only one of the most fun ways to spend your free time, but really helps you grow as a person and realise that there is so much going on in the world outside the bubble of your own life. I have been at university for the past 3 years, so money has been more tight that it would have been if I had been working full time, but my love for going to new places was still very much at the forefront of my mind. 

So whilst I was at university, I focussed on exploring European cities on a budget. I have managed to go all over the place in the past few years spending less than £250 for flight and hotel each time and less than £200 whilst I'm out there. I realised that a lot of people might not realise how easy it is to go on holiday and travel on the cheap, so today's blog post are some of my tips for getting that bargain holibobs booked and kick start achieving your travel goals for 2019!