Hi Everyone,

As you are aware, it is the end of 2018 and the first day of 2019! I have been off work for the last week for Christmas and it has been so relaxing. I feel like it has given me a chance to slow down and to reflect on the past year. Its been a pretty great one, with lots and lots of highs with a wonderfully small amount of lows, (which I realise I am so lucky to be able to say). I thought that to finish off the year, I would write a blog post about 18 things I've learnt in 2018.

1) Writing a Dissertation is hard

2) Leaving university was a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be

3) Being sensible with money is really worth it

4) Spending money on experiences rather than material things makes me far happier

5) Having a full-time job is tiring

6) I absolutely love spin classes

7) Just because you don't see people as often as you did, doesn't mean that you aren't close anymore

8) You don't need to have one best friend and the media definitely glamourises it/ makes it seem normal

9) Not eating meat is actually super easy

10) I'm not always going to be motivated to complete my side hustles, and that's ok

11) Lightroom is an Instagram game changer!

12) My screentime for my phone is absolutely awful

13) How to make so many one-pan-wonder veggie and vegan meals

14) Just because someone you love is suffering from their mental health, it doesn't mean you should feel guilty or stop enjoying your own life. 

15) I probably won't ever be the coolest girl out there, and not everyone is going to like me. but its okay because there are going to people that I don't like either. And I already have an amazing group of people who love me.

16) I just want to travel the world and eat good food

17) I like Guinness!

18) Disco music is amazing and I now listen to it pretty much every day. I've finally found my favourite genre.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this blog post :) What have you learnt this year?

Love, Yasmin xxx