Hello everyone! 
I came to the realisation the other day that I am really enjoying my makeup routine at the moment, from the products I'm using to how it looks on my face. I'm going for a bit of rose gold/glowy theme at the moment, and I'm really liking how it's turning out. It's definitely one that suits the spring that is trying to come through and I am all for that!

My foundation never really changes, it's the Rimmel Match Perfection. I always go back to this as they have my perfect shade, its got great coverage and it's dewy without being shiny. As well as this it's not pricey at all, which as a uni student, you can understand that I appreciate! Also, it has SPF 20 in it which is always a bonus.

At the moment, I'm using this gorgeous Revolution palette for my bronzer. This palette is seriously beautiful and I do use all the colours, but I mainly use the bottom right shade as a contour. I instantly feel better when I put bronzer on, I feel like my skin has a new lease of life.
I'm not really fussy about my eyebrow product, but at the moment I'm using this brow powder from Eyelure with Fleur de Force, which is a really good shade for me.

I am obsessed with this highlight from Benefit! Its a beautiful, pink shade and instantly ties my makeup look together. Its a really subtle highlight and fits with my skin tone!
I wrote a full review of this gorgeous palette when I first got it last year, and I still love it as much! I use the middle gold colour and the dark pink colour, which add to the pinky/ shimmery theme I have going on with this look.
The ultra plush lipgloss from Benefit is just a lovely, natural lipgloss, tying together the pink in my look.

My mascara is just a pretty standard one from Maybelline, but I am quite enjoying it. I feel as though it is easy to build up to be as dramatic as I want.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it! 

Love, Yasmin

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