Hello everyone!
Today was international women's day and I really wanted to celebrate the women who I think have empowered, inspired and made me happy over the years. I think its so important for women to appreciate each other and lift each other up. Through no real reason, most of the closest people in my life are female, and they have really shaped me into who I am today.

My mum and sister

These are the two women who have been in my life from the beginning. I feel like growing up, mums and sisters can be underappreciated with teenage arguments and live in close quarters. however, over the past few years, I have realised how much they have shaped me into the woman I am today. Both of them really inspire me. Unfortuenly both struggle with mental illnesses of depression and anxiety, which aren't rare conditions, but they have allowed me to see a raw and real view of how this works. I have seen them overcome so many obstacles and they have inspired me to know that no matter how awful thing seem, they're always going to get better, and that life is a rollercoaster - ups and downs are natural. I feel that I have two people who I can talk to about anything and will support me no matter what, and I would like to hope that they feel the same way about me.


I absolutely love bloggers and I feel that there are so many that inspire me. Over the past few years, Niomi Smart has been prominent in my online content consumption and I think that she is such a positive person who gives such good advice. She makes me feel excited to treat myself well and work hard and has taught me so many yummy recipes! As well as Niomi, Zanna Van Dijk has been an awesome influence on my life. She has inspired me to go more plant based and to think about the environment but thinking about my sustainable energy choices and plastic consumption, as well as body positivity and mindfulness. She isn't afraid to speak about the things that she is passionate about and I think it has made her more powerful as a blogger. There are loads others that have inspired me over the years and 

My Friends

All my girlfriends are such fun people who I know will support me through anything. I am really grateful to have such a strong group of friends from both school and uni who I've been on holiday with, had many drunken funny nights and so many other memories over the years. All of them are gorgeous and I know that we can talk about anything that takes our fancy. I also know that when we go through busy or distant periods in our lives, we can always go straight back to normal, and it's just more to catch up on when we finally do see each other! Aside from this, I am just so proud of all that they are achieving, as we're all doing our own unique thing, and that's just incredible.

Thank you for reading this post, I really enjoyed writing such a positive post about the people I love. Who are the women who have inspired you?

Love, Yasmin xxx

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