Hello everyone!
Happy 2018, I know we're already 2 weeks in but better late than never. I haven't really set any new years resolutions this year - just a set of goals that I would like to accomplish by the end of the year (I might write a post on this!) ,However, I am trying to focus on keeping up the good habits that I started in 2017 as I was definitely making good progress by the end of the year. One of these is my morning routine habits that I feel set me up for the day in the best way. I've found these really useful so I thought that I would share them with you today!

1. Make your bed

I watched a video on Facebook one day when I was scrolling last year that said a lot of motivational stuff, most of which I cannot recall now. But one thing that did stick with me was the idea that the begining of a successful day always starts with making your bed. This is such a simple task, but one that many (including me formerly) neglect on a daily basis. However, since making it a priority to make my bed everyday, I have felt a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning and I know that however good or rubbish my day is, I will be coming home to a freshly made bed!

2. Open curtains

Even in these horrible winter mornings with late sunrises, I have been making sure that I open my curtain when I get up in the morning, even if it is still dark outside. This way, as soon as the sun does make an appearance, my room will be lit with natural light as soon as possible. The act of opening my curtains also means that I have therefore transitioned from day to night.

3. Stretch

I used to think there was no point to this one, but after giving it a go, it has made my mornings so much easier. Gently stretching is a good way to get the blood in your body moving and and wake everything up. After this, all other tasks will feel easier and you won't feel as lethargic (espescially when bed felt like the comfiest thing in the world this morning.

4. Drink a large glass of water

Before eating anything, I always drink a large glass of water, just to rehydrate my body. I've also heard runours that this sets up your metabolism for the day. I have no idea if its true but there is certainly no harm in hydrating your body! Plus, then you've already started on your two litres for the day.

5. Eat a huge bowl of porridge

... Or your healthy breakfast of choice. I am mainly a porridge gal as it is warm and filling but there are definitely lots of other options! And I know that this is drummed into you all the time, but i seriously think that it is one of the most important things. Mornings that I don't manage to eat breakfast for whatever reason, I know that there is a huge difference in my energy and concentration levels and personally, I definitely start to get hangry (gals gotta eat you know?).

6. Catch up

Now I haven't mentioned this yet, but throughout the morning, I am making a concerted effort to not look at my phone until I am completely ready. Some days are more successful than others, but I a getting there. When I have finally finished everything, I make sure I reply to messages and have a quick read of the news stories so that I am up to date on what is going on in the world. By leaving it until last, I am do not run the risk of wasting too much time scrolling. As I say though, this is still a work in progress for me haha!

Thanks so much for reading. What are your best morning rituals? Let me know in the comments!
Love, Yasmin xxx

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