Hello Everyone!

I feel like there are so many blog posts that can be done around the new year, and I really just want to do them all. I apologise if you've seen a lot of these sorts of posts recently, but I have quite a lot to say so didn't really want to skip out on it!

There has been so much that I have loved over the past year and it's going to be hard to get it all into one blog post, so know that if they made it here, I absolutely love these products and they are definitely worth the buy! I also wantend to put a little twist on it by incorperating beauty, fashion and lifestyle into this post rather than just beauty. Enjoy!


1) Elegant Touch Nails

These have been an absolute game changer for me this year. I constantly struggle with painting my nails as I often don't have a steady enough hand to do it nicely in the first place, let alone have the patience to wait for dry. And even if I managed to do all of that, you have a maximum of 2 or 3 days where your nails are nice before they chip and look awful. It's so frustrating! (First world problems much?). However earlier on in 2016 I decided to give these nails a go - I was a bit daunted by the length of them at first, but after realising how easy it was to cut them down and the ease of applying them, I was thoroughly impressed! They last around a week, but with plenty of spare nails and glue, they can easily last longer. 

2) Rimmel Foundations

So over this year, I have inevitably gone through a lot of different foundations and the brand that I go back to over and over again is Rimmel. I honestly can't fault their foundations - they give such a good coverage without looking cakey at all and give a lovely glow. They also are so affordable, all under a tenner. I can't choose a favourite, but currently I have this one.


1) Adidas ZX Flux Trainers

I honestly never thought that I would be the type to wear trainers unless I was working out, but oh my goodness I definitely fell in love with these this year. The look great with jeans and a jumper for the perfect casual look, as well as being super comfy (seriously, it's like walking on clouds with these shoes). You can read a full rant about how much I love them here.

2) Bomber Jackets

These have been a massive staple for me in my wardrobe over 2016. Bored of wearing leather jackets all the time I decided to branch out and wear bomber jackets instead. I haven't looked back since! They are the perfect jacket for in between weather where you don't quite need a coat, but still it's not warm enough to brave the outside with bare arms. I wrote a full post about them here.

Jacket from:

Jacket from:

Life stuff

1) Books 

I feel like this year I really fell in love with reading again. I have gotten through SO many I can barely remember them all. However 3 that have stuck out to me have been 'The Girl On the Train', 'Me Before You' and 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime'. They are all so different from eachother but all amazing in their own way. All of these books are actually really thought provoking and proper page turners, would definitely check them out if you're looking for something new!

2) The Beach

I feel that I really need to give a shout out to the beach this year. When I've gone through tough times, it has always been there to help me find a little bit of peace. Since living in bournemouth, there is nothing I find more relaxing than walking along the beach and have a good old think. They're also an awesome place to take blog photos haha!

Thank you all so much for reading! 
I hope that this post was good for you!

Love, Yasmin xxx


  1. Me before you was one of my favorite books this year too! It's so beautiful! kisses:D

  2. I love that adidas runners, use them every weekend when I go for walks, they are so comfortable :D
    Love your blog, really inspiring*