Hello everyone!

Today I thought I would write a little bit of a different post. I have been soooo busy recently, which you can probably tell from my more sporadic blog post uploads and therefore super duper lazy in other aspects of my life. Sigh. These include a lot of 'beauty sins'. Things that bloggers and youtubers and the like always tell us not to do. But let's face it, I'm human and I'm really tired at the moment. Oh well what are new years resolutions for anyway?

1) Not taking my makeup off before I sleep. 
This one if probably the one that annoys me the most if I do it. I have to say it's not often that I will do it, but sometimes I'm really cosy in bed and literally fighting to keep my eyes open, the worst thing I can imagine is splashing my face with water to clean it euuuugh. To try and combat this, I often keep some Garnier Micellar water next to my bed so i can atleast give it a quick wipe over. (Although when I've been on a night out and my biggest priority is eating my cheesy chips and stopping the room from spinning, makeup will never be removed. Ooops.

2) Not cleaning my makeup brushes
As in, I rarely ever do it. This is pretty gross, I know, but seriously, who has the bloody time to do it every week? Unless I've used a really dark colour on an eyeshadow brush I probably won't wash it. If my foundation brush is dirty I will probably just use another one of even use my hands to apply it (SHOCK.HORROR). Maybe 2017 will be the year I sort it out.

3 )Not using primer 
This one I KNOW is literally just disadvantaging myself. I look at a photo of me at the end of a night out and I'm like 'why do I look so rough' oh wait, Yasmin, it's probably because you did sweet F A to keep your makeup on. The times that I do use primer I'm like wow this is amazing! But I'm quite impatient and always want to get straight on with the rest of my makeup look. Plus spending money on a clear liquid that goes under your makeup is just not as appealing as buying a pretty new eye shadow palette or a gorgeous new lipstick.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know in the comments that I'm not the only one who does these things! I know they are important and I do do these things (just not always as frequently as I should). Until next time;

Love, Yasmin xxxx

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  1. I love such honest posts. I actually clean my eyeshadow brushes after I used them and my powder/blush brushes every Sunday.I find it kind of therapeutic.
    Have a great day
    Desi (stunnydesi_loves on IG)

  2. I feel you girl! No time for cleaning my brushes! haha love this post!:D

  3. I relate to all of these, I am the worst person for cleaning my makeup brushes, I just buy more so I don't have to clean the ones that are dirty lol. Oh the shame ahh xx
    Danielle Miss Sunshine & Sparkle