Hello everyone!

I feel like every body will be saying this, but I can't believe that we are already in the last week of 2016. This year has been absolutely crazy. I feel that he end of the calls for a time to reflect on what has happened and how you can improve yourself for the next year. I don't really set new years resolutions as such, but I do like to set goals to achieve for the next year. This time last year I wrote a post called 'Goals and aims for 2016' and I wanted to have a look at those today, see how I got on and then set my self some new goals for the year.

I have loved blogging over the past year, it's such a good outlet for me as I love writing and being creative. I really want to continue learning and improving my blog this year. I definitely want to learn how to take better photos and to improve that layout and theme of my blog. I am also setting the goal of getting 1,000 Bloglovin' followers - I know it's not all about the numbers but it's really lovely to set goals to reach

Well I am happy to say that I have defiinitely carried on learning about my blog this year and it has definitely improved. A few months ago I was really proud of myself for working out how to upload a professional blog theme that I bought and installing my on URL for my blog. I know it's not a lot for some but I'm such a technophobe so I'm very happy! In terms of numbers, I not only have 1.4 K followers on Bloglovin', reaching my target, but I started a Twitter and Instragram page for my blog where I have 3 K and 10 K followers respectively - so overall I am really pleased! Along with this I got sent my first PR products which I just never thought would happen!

As well as working hard for my university assignments I would really like to get some work experience and internships within the fashion journalism world. I am already starting an internship with collegefashionista.com and I would like to do more for some magazines so I can gain valuable experience for my future career.

Again I achieved this one! I can't really believe it, I've actually made quite a lot of progess. So as I mentioned here I started my online internship with collegefashionista.com where I wrote monthly articles about street style around my university campus. This was a great experience as I had to work with deadlines and suit my writing to a different website other than my blog. Later in the year, I landed 3 weeks work experience with goodtoknow.co.uk/ Essentials magazine. This was one of the best experiences of the year. I spent 3 weeks commuting to London and working at their offices in Southwark. I transcribed interviews, updated their social media and wrote a few articles (15 things you NEVER knew about the Great British Bake Off), which include my byline! It made me realise that I definitely want to work for a magazine when I leave university. This then pushed me to try and get more experience and I've managed to land placements with New! Magazine, Fabulous and probably the most surreal of all Cosmopolitan magazine! 

I would love to run some 5k races such as the race for life and the colour run as I've always really enjoyed running and it would be nice to have a goal to work towards. I would also like to do this to raise money for charities. As well as this I would like to give blood because it's such a good thing to do and helps people invaluably. I also think that I need to get back into reading because I love it so much but always find myself getting more into Netflix and casting reading to the side. There are so many books I want to read but haven't got round to yet!

Now this one I have not done as well in... I mean it's not a complete fail here - whilst I haven't really stared running, I have been the most active I have ever been in my life. I have a gym membership and go every week, either for a gym work out or to an exercise class - I love aerobics and yoga! I'm not the most constant exerciser but I am definitely much improved from this time last year. Unfortunately, I never got round to giving blood or running any 5 k runs - Naughty Yasmin!

On the plus side I have read lots of books this year - and some really amazing ones - a thousand splendid suns was incredible!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and maybe has inspired you to have a look at your year and see how you can improve it. Please let me know what you thought in the comments!

Love, Yasmin xxx

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  1. You did so well this year!! One of my goals this year is to improve my blog too! kisses:D


  2. I've always wanted to try doing color run, Looks so fun!

    Loving the goals!


    1. Me too! I hope that I can do it! Thank you for reading xx

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