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It feels like ages since I posted, even though it's only been a week! I have had the craziest week, first I was at home for my birthday and spent the day in London with my boyfriend and went to a small gig near Kings Cross and stayed in a hotel afterwards. The day afterwards we went out for a lovely meal with my family at 'Bills', which I just have to say, was absolutely incredible. I know that Bill's isn't new or anything, but I'd never been before and I was thoroughly impressed. The food and drink was up my street and the ambiance was lovely. After that I had to rush back to uni and I've either been in lectures, at work or in the library completing assignments, and now I finally have a day off.

Today I thought I would give a first impressions post of the new(ish) Urban Decay Naked Pallette which I received for my birthday. I know it's been out for a while now, but I wanted to give my opinion on it.

Firstly, let's comment on the packaging. HOW GORGEOUS IS IT? I absolutely love the rose/classic gold colour and the bevelled swirl coming out of the centre. It feels very luxurious. I always feel like if I'm going to spend extra on a product, the packaging should be something special, and this one definitely fits the bill.

I decided to go for this palette because I realised that I was constantly using shimmery colours on my eyes and I was really getting bored of it. As with most of us, neutral colours are an absolute staple for my everyday makeup look and therefore I knew I had to get this palette. When you open the packaging there is a HUGE mirror, which is so handy and a  double ended brush included, as with every naked palette (which I actually find quite useful).

Here is a close up of the colours. They are all matte and  include lighter beige colours, browns and darker navys and purples. So far I have actually found myself using all of the colours. I have also found tha majority of them got really well (I'm loving instict over the lid with lethal smoked in the outer corner)

Here are some of my favourite shades swatched onto my hand.

I really can't wait to try this product properly! But so far, I have been absolutely loved it. For an every day look there are so many options, but I know when it comes to doing a more night worthy look, the colours are there to create a really cool look. I think this sort of palette would be great if you needed to travel as it has natural day colours and dramatic night colours as well as a massive mirror.

Have you got this palette? What do you think of it?

Thank you so much for reading!
Love, Yasmin xxx

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  1. That palette looks sooo good! xxx