Hello everyone!
Today I thought I would do a little update post for you! The other week, my boyfriend came to visit me in Bournemouth for a few days and it was absolutely lovely. We went to the beach, had bubble tea and went on a night out with my uni friends. We also decided to take a little day trip.

Bournemouth is a really great location and there are loads of adorable little villages near it. It's also really close to the New Forest in Hampshire.

We made some sandwiches and took some snacks and a blanket and had a lovely picnic. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a long walk through the forest.

I wore my floral  bomber jacket from Missguided, denim jeans from h&m and my trusty Adidas ZX Flux trainers/ It was a comfy and cute autumn outfit.

After wards we had tea and a scone in a little tea room in the village. Such a simple but cute day trip.
Hope you enjoyed this quick post! Let me know of any cute date locations you've been to recently.
Love, Yasmin xxx

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  1. Aw, it looks like you had such a fun time! Your smile is contagious!

    Via Sora || Blogger Nomination Award
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  2. That looks lovely I love going for walks in the woods!