Hello everyone!
The other day, I was bit bored (and kind of procrastinating uni work) so I decided to play around with makeup looks. It was one of those times that I ended up really liking the end result, despite not really having much of a plan - typically as well the furthest I went to show it off was the supermarket! 
However, I thought that I would share it with you because I really like it.

 It's quite fresh and light, and not necessarily what I would be drawn to for this time of year, but I think that it's a good every day makeup look for those who don't like to wear to much makeup. It would be great for a more natural look, for those of you who go to school or college.

On my eyes I am using the 3rd colour in on the top row, which is gorgeous pale grey colour, that I have swept all over the lids. I have then the fifth colour on the bottom row, which is a gorgeous dusky pink colour, and blended that over the middle and the outer part of my eye lid. Finally, I used the dark grey colour with pink flecks in it, the final colour on the bottom row, and blended that into the outer corner of my eye, to create a smokey eye shadow look, but with a beautiful pink undertone.

This is my current favourite nude lipstick. It's one of the gorgeous new Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks which have a stunning ROSE GOLD packaging. This shade is 'My Nude' and it is just perfect for any everyday look.

This mascara is an old favorite of mine, I haven't used it in ages! But in the spirit of a pink makeup look, I had to go for this mascara. My eyelashes are rubbish, but this makes them pretty much as curly as they can be.

This Nyx blush is in 'chiffon'  and it's a lovely dusky pink sahes with a subtle shimmer through. I love it as it can act as blush and a bit of a highlighter. It's a gorgeous shade.

The collection bronze glow bronzer is perfect for a subtle contour look, and to make your face look more defined.

To finish the makeup look, I just did a classic winged liner with the collection eyeline that I always use... because I'm just creative like that.

So here is the final look! I hope you guys enjoyed this post ! Let me know what you think :)

Love, Yasmin xxx

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  1. oh my ,this look is so gorgeous!! I need to get my hands on that blush asap- its so pretty! x

  2. Your make up is so lovely and natural! Just perfect. Have a lovely week! <3


  3. What a lovely look! I am obsessed with the Rimmel Kate lipsticks and I keep purchasing lots of them, this one looks so beautiful! Just found your blog and followed :)


    1. The Kate Moss lipsticks are amazing! Thank you lovely :) x

  4. That lipstick is so cute!! xxx