Life: We need to talk about body image

Hey everyone!

Today's post is a little bit different than normal. Today I'm going to talk about body image.

So I have been back at university about 1 month and a half now, and as you can imagine, the assignments are coming at me hard and fast, and I have a lot to do. Of course, I absolutely love my course so a lot of these assignments are actually pretty enjoyable for me. One that particularly has stuck out to me and got me very excited, is the assignment to create a web portfolio (essentially a blog) about a social issue affected by web and mobile communications.

I was so happy to hear that this is one of the assignments because a) I absolutely love blogging and know that I can do it well and b) there is a social issue that I really want to talk about and means a lot to me.
Now unfortunately, we aren't allowed to use any existing blogs that we have, so you won't be seeing any updates on here, but what it has done has allowed me to create 'Am I Pretty Now?'.

'Am I Pretty Now?' is a blog that will be questioning what the media is doing to our self esteem and body confidence. I will be looking at how instagram and other social media affects us, I will be looking at why people are not happy with their bodies and what we can do to change this.

Body confidence has been an issue that I have felt passionate about for years. It makes me feel so upset that people are restricted from living their lives becauce they don't feel comfortable in the skin that they are in. They see themselves as inadequate because they don't fit into society's views of what is 'beautiful'. I want to let everybody know that they ARE beautiful and they CAN achieve all their dreams no matter what anyone tells them.

If you feel passionate about this issue and want to find out more, you can visit my new blog HERE. I have also set up a Twitter and Facebook page where you can contact me and keep up to date with my body image posts.

Let's get everyone feeling beautiful!

Love, Yasmin xx

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  1. Love your post!! Have a great weekend :)

    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent posts.

    Thanks for the support and thoughtful words on my recent post, I deeply appreciate it!!


  2. Loved this post! I agree we all need to talk about this stuff more <3
    X Sofia

  3. Great and very important subject. God luck with your assignment Yasmina.
    i'll check your other blog :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  4. I LOVE this! Body image is something that a lot of people struggle with, myself being one of them. I'm on my way to check out your new blog :)

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn's Korner