Life: 5 Ways To Get A Better Night Sleep

Hello Everyone!
We've all been there, tossing and turning all night, sticking one leg out of the covers, then both legs, then realising a monster could come and eat you at any second so sticking them both under. Calculating how many hours sleep you'll get if you fall asleep now, and then stressing because it's far too little and you've got a busy day tomorrow. The next morning may as well be your audition tape to be an extra in the latest zombie film. Well boys and girls, I am here today to give you some tips to help you get that better night sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. I believe that a good night sleep really sets you up for the day and can make you so much more productive, so without further ado here is how to get a better night's sleep.

1) Have a pamper
One of the most important tings about getting a good night sleep is making sure that you are relaxed. I absolutely love to have a hot shower, or occassionally a bath if I am in the mood. I always take time to exfoliate and moisturize my body after. Getting into comfy pjs and putting on a face mask really helps me relax. The combination of being warm, clean and comfortable really relaxes me and starts to get me settled for the night.

2) Drink a (decaf) hot drink
Sticking with the theme of becoming sleepy via being cosy, one of my favourite things to do is to have a hot beverage. Obviously it can't be a drink that contains caffeine (i'm looking at you coffee junkies!), so I love to have a decaf herbal tea or in the winter, a hot chocolate does me well. This just makes you super relaxed and always helps me to have a good night sleep!

3) Read
I know, I know, it can be so tempting to sit up and watch endless episodes of your current favourite TV series on Netflix or keep scrolling on your phone but you need to STOP. If you're mind is constantly racing once you've closed your eyes and you're doing these things, then this is most likely the reason. Watching a screen keeps your mind active and working and is a disaster when it comes to good night's sleep. Instead, cosy down with a nice book, magazine or newpaper and you will soon start to feel droopy eyed and sleepy and fall asleep in no time.

4) Eat your dinner early
So many people make the awful mistake of thinking that they can eat their dinner an hour before their dinner and be able to have a good night's sleep. No, no, NO! You're body will still be digesting food when you finally hit the hay and therefore make it much more difficult to fall asleep! So make sure you have your dinner at a reasonable time and give yourself to digest your food.

5) Go to sleep at the same time
I always try and make sure that I go to bed at a similar time each night, espescially on week days when I have to get up to go to university. This way my body gets into a routine and knows that when we get to 11pm, it's time to go to bed and fall asleep. I know it's difficult but it will be much more worth it in the end.

I hope that you enjoyed this blogpost and maybe picked up some helpful tips!
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Love, Yasmin xxx


  1. totally agree with these, i love getting snug in bed and drinking a hot cup of horlicks. it's my favourite!
    jen / velvet spring

    1. It's the best isn't it! Thank you for reading :) x

  2. The 5 trick is the hardest one, during the week I have so much to do that I'm going to sleep soo late and then during weekend I have to repair all the damage I've made:( But the rest are really helpful!

  3. Great tips, I agree with these especially eating your dinner early.


  4. Yessss, reading definitely helps me get to sleep way more than going on my phone! I always find that if I put away my technology I sleep way better xx

  5. I agree with all of these! Having a little routine before you sleep of doing those nice things really does help! xx

    Grab Your Camera x

  6. Very helpful tips, nice post.

  7. thanks for sharing these :) lord knows I need to sleep earlier


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  9. Reading is definitely the #1 thing that knocks me outtt lol. Or watching a film LAYING DOWN! I normally CHOOSE A FILM that I WANT to watch, lay inbetween my mans legs all comfy, 10mins into the film am asleep :D I never get to watch a whole film I'm so bad, my man hatessss it. lmao Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day!
    Dominica from