4 Books you need to read IMMEDIATELY

Hello everyone!
I really loved recently sharing some of my favourite books, and because it's summer I've been reading a heck of a lot more, which I love. So I thought that I would give a bit of a review and round up of what books I've been reading recently as I've really been enjoying.

The curious incident of the dog in the night time:
So this book was recommended to me by my boyfriend, it's about a teenage boy who has Asperger's and is written as his diary. It's an excellent insight into his mind and really interesting to see how his brain works. It's written very simply but is still an excellent read. I honestly couldn't put it down and I read it in only two days. Would highly recommend!

The Elephant Girl
Who loves a bit of a mystery? I do! This book folllows Helen as she ends up investigating the murder of her mother by moving in with the woman who was convicted of her murder. She finds out there are lots of people who could be suspects of her mothers murder and that there are many family secrets. It's really gripping as you realise the original suspect may not have done the crime and actually start to like her. Helen also has to deal with personal struggles such as epilepsy and not being able to let people she cares about in.

The stall of second chances
For a budding journalist, like me, this book was a really great read! It follows Sidney, an aspiring food journalist as she has to make a decision as to whether landing the career of her dreams by writing a contronversial story is worth risking losing her friends, co workers and a new found love. This book is a really easy, girly read and you really get transported into the world of Sidney and the world of the food market and get invested into her dilemmas.

If you're not the one
Have you ever wandered what your life would be like if you made a different decision? When.... is involved in a car accident and goes into a coma, she has the opportunity to witness what her life would have been like if she had ended up with a different man. This book is a really easy read, but also puts into perspective how little things could change the course of our lives in a big way.

Have you read any of these books? I would definitely recommend all of them if you haven't!
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Love,Yasmin xxx

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  1. I just finished reading the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime and I loved it, some great recommendations :)

    Jodie xx