Fashion: Party Outfit Post

Hello everyone!
I absolutely love getting dressed up for a night out, it's one of my absolute favourite things. So when it was one of my friends birthday celebrations, I got super excited. Not only because we were all going out but because it was one of the first proper times seeing all my old friends since coming home from university from the summer. At the moment I am one hundred percent having a love affair with play suits. I don't normally go for red tones, but I really fell for this light burgundy colour. It buttons down and has lose shorts with a belt tie. I think that this not only looks so smart and classy, but a nice twist on a dress, which I would normally automatically opt for on a night out. I decided to pair these with slinky nude heels to keep this look neutral and fresh, as I am getting a bit bored of constantly wearing at least some sort of black - this outfit actually has none! This definitely makes it more summery. To go with this I styled my hair with loose waves and a glowey makeup look with lots of highlighter so that even if the sun isn't shining, I can at least pretend my face is reaping the benefits.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this outfit post! What's your go to outfit for a night out?

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Love,Yasmin xxx


  1. your hair looks amazing, it's so long! Loving the outfit girl x

  2. hair, outfit, shoes, everything! you look drop dead gorgeous! xoxo

  3. beautiful look and gorgeous shooting,
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    I follow your twitter and instagram,
    follow back is welcome but not mandatory

  4. Love the outfit and you have such gorgeous hair! Hope you had a lovely time with your friends! :)
    Yours Truly, NY | INSTAGRAM

  5. Your hair is so gorgeous! I love your outfit :) My got-to night out look is a bodycon dress and heels, or jeans and heels; depending on how much I can be bothered to dress up lol x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

    1. I also love jeans and heels sometimes as well :) x

  6. That's such a gorgeous outfit the colour really suits you and omg can I have your hair please? I hope you had a lovely time catching up with your friends

  7. You look amazing and your hairstyle is goals! Loved this post x

  8. You look gorgeous girl, I love the playsuit. Looks fab with the nude heels.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  9. Playsuits are so cute and practical - what more could a girl want! I practically live in them during the summer months!

    Mind checking out my recent - it's all about my latest adventures in Poland!

    Alice x

  10. No wonder you love getting dressed up to go out, you're such a doll! Loving this playsuit on your babe, it suits you (hehe get it) well =)


  11. You look beautiful! I love this post :) xx

  12. Your hair is to die for! Lovely outfit, keep it up
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  13. Beautiful. You look amazing :D