Fashion: Lazy Beach Days

Hello everyone!
I have been away for the last few days, so I apologize that I have only been managing to get one post a week, but I've been really busy and have quite a weak internet connection which sucks. However I have been having a wonderful and relaxing time and have managed to get some gorgeous blog photos here, which you will be seeing very soon! My family decided to escape for a few days to Camber Sands in East Sussex to a small apartment across the road to the beautiful sand dunes and beach. It has been absolutely lovely - we've been very lucky that the weather has been pretty good and warm for the UK, and have therefore been able to spend long days chilling on the beach. Today I wanted to write a post about my go to lazy beach outfit which I took some photos of in the gorgeous dunes yesterday.

First off with my hair: more often than not, if I am on the beach, I will want to get my hair out of my face to stop it getting tangled with wind, sand and sea and so that I don't have to faff about with it all too much. I absolutely love doing two french plaits, which I think look great as I have very long hair now. They just stop me from worrying all day as to what my hair looks like, as I know that it's going to keep and look super adorable all day. 

Next I decided to put on this little black choker with a small gold sun charm on it. I got this from Primark as I've seen so many people rocking them and I wanted to join the party. I think that it makes any plain outfit look instantly cool and more boho, which is great for a beach look... it makes my outfit more dressed up without going too overboard and compromising on comfort. 

My top is a plain black tshirt crop top from H&M a few years ago. I can't even begin to explain how often I wear this top, it goes with everything! Definitely something that you all need in your wardrobe..goes with skirts, shorts, jeans... the list is endless!

And finally, my cotton shorts are black with white patterned flowers on them, and little frills on the bottom from Primark. These are so comfortable and light, and great for lazing around on the beach all day. They don't ever feel too tight and are the perfect mix of casual and smart.

All in all I am super happy with this beach look and cannot stress enough how comfy it is!
Have you been on holiday this year? What's your go to beach look?
I really hope you enjoyed this post!
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Love, Yasmin xxx

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