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Hello Everyone!
I can't believe we are already in August. I know at least on person says that at the beginning of every month but... seriously? August? I swear it was just Christmas, I did not sign up for this. Anyway, before I start getting all nostalgic and sounding like I'm in the middle of my midlife crisis I'm going to get on with today's post. With technically only one month left of summer *sobs*, I thought I better get a wiggle on and let you know what I have been loving this summer so far in terms of beauty. That's one of the things that I absolutely love about the idea of the changing of the seasons, is that it's a great opportunity to completely change up your look. Every year I am ready and raring to go when it comes to breaking out the summer beauty products, its all glow and bronze and shimmer, what more could you want? I love the opportunity to feel like a Greek Goddess every day.

Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polishes
I absolutely love the shades for Rita Ora's Rimmel London nail polishes, despite the fact that they have actually been out for quite a while now. I just fine that they are all so summer and bright, you only need a maximum of two coats and they last decently for a few days without chipping, depending on what you are doing. The one that I find myself constantly reaching for is this one in 'Go Wild-er-ness' which is a gorgeous lilac colour which is the perfect mix between pastel and bright and would be perfect for a summer holiday or festival.

NYX Baked Blush in Chiffon
as I mentioned previously I am in love with glowy summer looks and this blush is perfect. It provides a natural summer flush with a small amount of summer in it I love this shade because it's not bright pink and is quite muted which is great for someone like me who is already naturally quite red/pink in skin tone. I love this blusher if I'm going for quite a pinky/ girly make up look.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (03 True Ivory)
 Unfortunatly I'm still not tanned enough to get any shade darker than this, however this foundation is a must for summer. It give a great medium coverage so is not too heavy but also still hides all of your blemishes and 'imperfections'. It's really easy to blend and gives a fairly glowy look without making you look greasy. One of the best benefits of this is that it has SPF 20 in it which is so needed for this time of year, and is great to go on top of your normal SPF to keep your skin damage free.

Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Pallette in Coral Glow
I am absolutely loving the new Kate Moss range for Rimmel. The rose gold packaging is to die for and the products are beautiful. I particularly like this contour pallette. At the top is a highlight, which is perfect for a day time highlight look as it is quite muted but definitely gives a gorgeous glow in the right lighting without making you look like a disco ball. Next is a bronzer which is great for contour, and what I like about this bronzer is that it is more brown toned, where as most others I come across have a slight terracotta undertone to them. I don't mind those but it's nice to have a change. Finally is gorgeous summer coral blush which would be great for a bright and tropical make up look.

Benefit gimme brow
Normally I am quite lazy with my brows and simply just use a powder formula to fill them in with an angled brush and hope that is enough. However, with it being summer and the sun being out, my natural brows are no blonder than ever, and I just need a little bit extra to make them seem fuller, and when I got a free sample of Benefit's infamous gimme brow in this month's glamour magazine. I can't believe I haven't used this before! My brows are so much fuller and it's great.. will definitely end up buying the full size.

Barry M Strobe Highlighter
This has to be my absolute favourite thing in this whole post. This highlighter is literally amazing. It's a cream highlighter and is so so pigmented. It's so easy to apply and really easy to blend.I just apply this to the top of my cheek bones, my brow bone and my cupid's bow and it looks so gorgeous. I think it's perfect for summer as it makes you so glowey and basically like a snapchat filter. I would say that this is definitely more of a nighttime highlighter but you could definitely put it on lighter for a day time look.

Nyx soft matte lip cream in London
I don't think I'm the only one whose fallen in love with the soft matte lip creams, they're basically a cheaper version of the kylie jenner liquid lipsticks and are so good! I love this shade as it's really natural and lasts for such a long time, perfect for the heat.

Last but not least is a good solid brozer from Collection. It is a more terracotta tone than the kate moss one, which i quite like when I'm going for a more bronzed up, tanned look. It look natural and is also super cheap. What's not to love?

What are your summer beauty essentials? Do you use any of these products?
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Hope you all have a lovely day!
Love,Yasmin xxx


  1. All these products sound great, especially that nyx blush, it's gorgeous. Loved this. x


    1. Thank you girl! Really recommend the NYX Blush :)

  2. That Nyx blush looks so pretty! You have some really lovely products! :) x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  3. Benefit Gimme Brow and Nyx Lip Creams are such must haves! I haven't tried the other ones you mentioned, but love those as well.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  4. I want to try the Benefit Gimme Brow. I heard so many great things and nice to hear you like it too!

  5. Mmm...NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are just the best. I have a few colours but have yet to pick up London. My friend has it though and she LOVES it! Perfect dupe for Kylie's Exposed.

    xx   B A S H   |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. They're so good aren't they! Definitely give london a go :)

  6. Those products are amazing and can't wait to try out the NYX Soft Matte Lip cream! Excited XD

  7. Great faves! I love the NYX lip creme especially their price tag!


    Tamara -

  8. I looooove the NYX lip creams, London is beautiful! x