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Hello Everyone!
So, it's unfortunately that time of year again - exams. The last hurdle before we can finally relax for the summer months. It can be an awfully stressful and busy time of year, and even worse that when the weather gets sunny you just want to be outside enjoying yourself! But seriously do not fret, this period of your life is very short and it will be over soon. Put in the work now and you will thank yourself later! Now that I am a university student I think I can safely say that I am pretty experienced with revision and found some really good  methods that work for me. So today, I thought that I would share with you how I like to revise and little hacks for making it easier or more entertaining (if revision ever can be entertaining?) so that you can get the results that you want, whether you're doing your GCSEs, A Levels or a degree.

1) Find a good work space
I think that this may be one of the most important steps in being successful in your revision. Personally, when I try to revise at home, I find myself constantly distracted by my family, food, and the television among various other things. It was during my studying for my A Levels that I discovered the best place for me to revise was my local library. It's full of other students who are also revising for their exams, so it's quiet, as well as practical with large tables so you have space to work as well. Most librarys also have free wifi as well so you can easily have all of your resources that you need. I also found that being surrounded  by other students working hard was excellent motivation for me to carry on revising and keep working. If you find that you don't like working in the library or that you're perfectly comfortable at home, make sure you have a good desk or work space where you can keep all your paper and resources organised, as a messy work space will only distract you and waste time!

2) Make your revision interesting
Although I've heard people describe this as a 'waste of time', I have always been a firm believer that colours are a perfect tool to help you with your revision. I find that not only does using colour and the process of making my revision look pretty and neat, it really helps me to separate the information and take it in. Along with colour I like to make tables, mind maps and revision cards, rather than contantly just writing notes straight down so that I can visualise certain information and keep it in my mind. Wilkos is going to be your best friend during exam season, cheap but excellent quality stationary, I always buy their big refill pads for 50p and these adorable revision cards were only £1! I also make sure I'm stocked up on black biros and coloured fine liner pens. As well as this, music and your earphones are great, I always listen to motivational music playlists on Spotify or things that put me in a good mood - one of my favourites is the Great British Breakfast or Who Run The World? Girls.

3) Rests and breaks
I really cant stress enough how important this is! I always like to make sure I get a good night sleep when I'm revising. I like to go to bed early and wake up early so that I can make the most of the day and be the most productive when revising - pulling all nighter's are NOT a good idea. Your body is tired and you won't take in the information, plus you need to sleep at night in order for your body to process all of the information that you have just given it. As well as this, make sure that you don't study for too long at a time. I tend to go for maximum two hours and then I always make sure I go for a walk or have something to eat, just to clear my head and stop me from getting too stressed. Some of my favourite snacks are grapes and strawberries as you can just pick at them. I also make sure I constantly have enough water to drink as when I get dehydrated I find it so difficult to concentrate!
Good luck to anyone taking exams in the next couple of months, I hope some of these tips have helped you out ! Have you got any extra study tips? Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin' to stay up to date with me, I'd love to connect with you all.

Love, Yasmin xxx

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  1. Wish I had read this last year when I had my final year. This would have come in so handy. I know buying a tonne of stationary helped me out. Great post x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin