Fashion: #OOTD

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!
I was feeling a bit uninspired as to what I could write for my blogpost today. and I've really been super busy, however I didn't want to miss an upload. So what I decided to do was write a post about my outfit today and take some quick pictures in my room (hi, welcome to my uni room by the way... what do you think?).
I really liked my outfit today, it's a really simple and classic sort of outfit for me on a casual day. The blue cami top if from New Look literally years ago, however, I still love it. It's so light and airy as it's made from cotton, and has beautiful sequinned detailing on the neckline and the hem, and is perfect for a warm sunny day like it was today.
My jeans are some grey (formally black) ripped topshop joni jeans. These are such a staple in my wardrobe as they are so easy to chuck on when you want to be comfy and casual and still look cool. These also go with pretty much everything as well!
My shoes are my all time favourites, my white low rise converse. They are shoes which I will probably own for the rest of my life as they are such a classic. I think most girls own a pair of these and I can see why, they are so comfy and so versatile, an absolute must have!
To add a bit of summer colour to the outfit is this gorgeous bag I bought on holiday in a Turkish market a few years ago. This is literally the perfect summer bag and is a great size for all your essentials. 
Finally I am also wearing some Primark sunglasses on my head. 

Thank you so much for reading this outfit post. and that it gave you some insight into what I like to wear on a daily basis! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin!
Love, Yasmin xxx

Beauty: My Super Simple Skin Care Routine!

Hi everyone!
As you may know, I am currently a student at Bournemouth University. As much as I love uni and am having the time of my life, I have had to come up with some cost effective ways of look after my skin. Luckily, the drugstore and high street stores such as boots or superdrug are full of great products to help keep your skin looking great. In superdrug you can even use your NUS discount card, excellent! Today I thought I would talk you through my current skin care routine as a student to maybe give you some inspiration if you're strapped for cash but still want gorgeous skin. I would say that I have normal skin that sometimes gets a little oily on my nose, but nothing drastic. I'm quite lucky in that I don't really get many spots, and so therefore my skincare routine is purely to keep in good shape.

 The first product I use is Garnier's micellar water to remove all of my make up. I prefer to use this sort of thing over makeup wipes as I feel that its much gentler on the skin and actually works better. Normally I will squeeze a generous amount on a cotton pad and hold on my eyes for at least 30 seconds so it gets into and breaks down my makeup, so it all just easily slides off with the sweep of a pad. I then take off the rest of my makeup with a fresh cotton pad. Easy peasy! 

I then cleanse my face with warm water and this Clean and Clear deep wash. I've used this product for absolutely years and it just works so well for me and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. My top tip would be remembering to wash your hands before washing your face so you don't get loads of nasty dirt from throughout the day contaminating your face!

If I'm having a bit of a pamper evening, I will use a Lush face mask to make my face feel extra soft. At the moment I'm loving love lettuce, as its an exfoliating face mask and just gives my skin that extra bit of glow! I use this about once a week just as an extra bit of pamper for myself.
The final step is my simple moisturiser, I absolutely love this one as it's super light and doesn't make my face feel all oily as some other moisturisers do. It has SPF 15 in it which is great for preventing premature aging and is so affordable. This size bottle lasts such a long time as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my skin care routine and maybe picked up some products you might like to use yourself. Do let me know if there are any products or brands you think I should try out! 
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Love, Yasmin xxx

Fashion: Adidas ZX Flux - My New Favourite Everyday Shoes

Hey everyone.
Today I really wanted to do a fashion post but I was unsure as to what I wanted to write about. So what I did was think about  what I had been wearing more and more of recently and there was no doubt that my new trainers (Adidas ZX Flux) were in pretty much all my outfits. Now I never used to be one to wear trainers. I used to literally always just wear black chelsea  boots all the time  and go for a smart look every single day.  As much as I still love them, I reaalised that I really wanted and needed a pair of more comfy shoes in my life.
Enter trainers!
I absolutely love these trainers, they're sporty looking and light and so so so comfortable. I literally feel like I'm walking on clouds or pillows when I wear these. SO GOOD. I feel that these are just the perfect shoes to wear with most casual outfits too. I like to wear these with skinny jeans, mom jeans, my dungrees as well as my yoga leggings (which as a uni student I practically live in).
These trainers come in navy, black and white as well as a few special edition colours as well. I honestly could not recommend these trainers more for a comfy wardrobe staple!

What trainers do you have in your wardrobe? Any particular styles you think that i should purchase next? Hope you're all having a good day! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin',Twitter and Instagram!

Beauty: Collective haul (Boots, Feel Unique and Superdrug!)

Hello everyone! 
So recently I have done a bit of beauty shopping and I really wanted to share what I got with you. I have a collection of re purchases and new buys, so carry on reading if you want to find out what I got.

1) Real Techniques expert face brush and foundation brush
I've always loved real techniques cosmetics, but for some reason I've never tried these two particular brushes! These brushes are constantly raved about and I thought it was time that I treated to myself to some new face brushes. These are such a decent price as well, I can't wait to try them!

2) Eyelure lengthening false eyelashes
I absolutely love eyleure's eyelashes, they are so easy to use and so natural. These are also such a decent price! These ones are so nice as they are lengthening and can be used during day to day life without looking way too dressed up.

 3 Nyx Makeup
Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how excited I've been since Nyx has been available in the UK, as it's such a good quality but reasonably priced makeup brand. I decided to go for a brown tone eye shaddow pallete (love in paris) their liquid lipstick (in London) and their, highlighter/ blusher (in chiffon). So far I've only tried out the lipstick but I am definitely so impressed!

4) Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation
This has always been one of my favourite drugstore foundations, so this is pretty much just a repurchase. I would say that this is a pretty high coverage and gives quite a glowy finish and is just a staple for my every day makeup routine

5) Garnier summer body gradual tan lotion
This is an absolute essential for me over the summer months! Unfortunately I am not of those people blessed with naturally tanned skin, so i have to fake it! I like to use this as it is super simple to use, just by appling a little bit every day you will get a gorgeous tan, without all the pain on sunbathing!

6) Rimmel Nail Varnish
I decided to pick up this really gorgeous, summery light blue colour. I love these nail varnishes as they're super easy to apply and dry so quickly! They're also super cheap at £2.99 each.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I picked up recently! What have you been purchasing recently beauty wise? Don't forget to follow me on twitter, instagram and bloglovin!

Love, Yasmin xx

Life: My Revision And Study Tips

Hello Everyone!
So, it's unfortunately that time of year again - exams. The last hurdle before we can finally relax for the summer months. It can be an awfully stressful and busy time of year, and even worse that when the weather gets sunny you just want to be outside enjoying yourself! But seriously do not fret, this period of your life is very short and it will be over soon. Put in the work now and you will thank yourself later! Now that I am a university student I think I can safely say that I am pretty experienced with revision and found some really good  methods that work for me. So today, I thought that I would share with you how I like to revise and little hacks for making it easier or more entertaining (if revision ever can be entertaining?) so that you can get the results that you want, whether you're doing your GCSEs, A Levels or a degree.

1) Find a good work space
I think that this may be one of the most important steps in being successful in your revision. Personally, when I try to revise at home, I find myself constantly distracted by my family, food, and the television among various other things. It was during my studying for my A Levels that I discovered the best place for me to revise was my local library. It's full of other students who are also revising for their exams, so it's quiet, as well as practical with large tables so you have space to work as well. Most librarys also have free wifi as well so you can easily have all of your resources that you need. I also found that being surrounded  by other students working hard was excellent motivation for me to carry on revising and keep working. If you find that you don't like working in the library or that you're perfectly comfortable at home, make sure you have a good desk or work space where you can keep all your paper and resources organised, as a messy work space will only distract you and waste time!

2) Make your revision interesting
Although I've heard people describe this as a 'waste of time', I have always been a firm believer that colours are a perfect tool to help you with your revision. I find that not only does using colour and the process of making my revision look pretty and neat, it really helps me to separate the information and take it in. Along with colour I like to make tables, mind maps and revision cards, rather than contantly just writing notes straight down so that I can visualise certain information and keep it in my mind. Wilkos is going to be your best friend during exam season, cheap but excellent quality stationary, I always buy their big refill pads for 50p and these adorable revision cards were only £1! I also make sure I'm stocked up on black biros and coloured fine liner pens. As well as this, music and your earphones are great, I always listen to motivational music playlists on Spotify or things that put me in a good mood - one of my favourites is the Great British Breakfast or Who Run The World? Girls.

3) Rests and breaks
I really cant stress enough how important this is! I always like to make sure I get a good night sleep when I'm revising. I like to go to bed early and wake up early so that I can make the most of the day and be the most productive when revising - pulling all nighter's are NOT a good idea. Your body is tired and you won't take in the information, plus you need to sleep at night in order for your body to process all of the information that you have just given it. As well as this, make sure that you don't study for too long at a time. I tend to go for maximum two hours and then I always make sure I go for a walk or have something to eat, just to clear my head and stop me from getting too stressed. Some of my favourite snacks are grapes and strawberries as you can just pick at them. I also make sure I constantly have enough water to drink as when I get dehydrated I find it so difficult to concentrate!
Good luck to anyone taking exams in the next couple of months, I hope some of these tips have helped you out ! Have you got any extra study tips? Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin' to stay up to date with me, I'd love to connect with you all.

Love, Yasmin xxx

Fashion: Spring Cleaning!

Hi all! 
As I'm sure you all know by now, spring is one of my favourite times of year. The sun starts to come out and the temperature starts to get warmer and we can start wearing different clothes and updating our wardrobe. So what better time of year to do a bit of spring cleaning? Today I thought  I would talk about my tips for clearing out your wardrobe and updating it for summer. 

1) Start from the beginning
I find the best thing to do is to take everything you have out of your wardrobe and put it on my bed. I then get 3 bin bags or boxes - one for spring/summer clothes, one for autumn/ winter clothes and one for chuck/ or donate and sort all of my clothes into these boxes. If you haven't worn an item of clothing more than five times and you've had it for a while, you know it's time to give it to a better home. You then are ready to put 2/3 of your wardrobe to the side and have  much  more space to work with. 

2) Categories

Personally, I'm a really organised person, and I absolutely love to have everything in some sort of order, so from my spring/ summer box, I then sort all of my clothes into different piles, for example, tops, jeans, skirts, dresses and pyjamas. Whilst I do this, I fold all of them nicely so they are ready to put into my wardrobe, or I hang dresses and more delicate tops on pretty hangers. I really like these felt ones from Primark, absolute bargain at around £4 for a pack!

3) Cleaning your wardrobe
If we're going to go through the time and effort to sort out our clothes, we want to make sure our wardrobe is nice and clean as well. I like to hoover all the shelves and nooks and crannies, and then take an antibacterial wipe and clean all of the surfaces - you'd be surprised at how dusty it gets in there!
After this I like to put either bath bombs or bars of soap on the shelves to ensure that my wardrobe and all of my clothes will smell sweet.

4)Now put everything away!
You will have a lovely and tidy wardorbe where you will know excactly where everything is and where to find it, leaving no space for rushing around in the morning.

This is such a rewarding and useful task to do and so necessary. Don't stop there and work with your partner to tackle his wardobe - the guys can be so bad at remembering to update their wardrobe! I always find that my boyfriend has holes in his pants and so many random items of clothing that he doesn't even wear! Doing this together will motivate him to want to look for new styles for himself, and maybe want to treat himself to some new underwear from somewhere like TommyJohn, a website that makes great men's underwear!*

 I hope that I have maybe inspired you to clear out your wardrobe and feel more organised and that you have picked up some helpful tips.

What do you do when you spring clean? 
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Love, Yasmin xxx

Beauty: Favourite Spring Pinks Lip Products

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well.
Today I thought that I would talk about some of my favourite spring lip products. This is the time when we tend to move from dark, berry tones to lovely,girly pink colours and I absolutely love them as they make me feel so girly and it feels so much lighter and fresh, which is what you want during the warmer months.

Collection Lip Butter in Cappuccino
Last spring this lip butter was literally all I wore.  It's so easy to aply as it's in the shape of a pen and feels so comfortable on your lips as it's light and not too sticky. What more could you want?

Benefit Ultra Plush Lipgloss
This is just a lovely girly shade of lip gloss which smells delicious, absolutely perfect for summer!

Collection Lipstick in Rose Wood
I discovered this lipstick back in autumn actually. It's a gorgeous nude colour and really can be put with any make up look for one of those to die for 'your lips but better' looks.

Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake
Ah the lip butters, again such a comfortable, moisturising product for your lips, whilst giving a gorgeous colour. This is an ulitmate barbie/ princess shade and one that I definitely go for on days when I'm feeling really girly and glam.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in No 20
WOW this one is really bright, however I think that it gives such a gorgeous, playful look and would look amazing with some light eye shadow and lots of bronzer for a beautiful holiday look. We all know the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks are amazing quality and this one is certainly no exception.

Seventeen Lip Lustre Lip glosses and Benefit Ultra Plush Lip gloss
I never used to be much of a fan of lip glosses, however recently I've really been getting into them. These two are just really nice and pretty shades that can go easily with an every day make up look or a brown smokey eye.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it maybe gave you some inspiration for some new lip products this spring!

Do let me know whether there are any products that YOU love at this time of year as well.  Don't forget to follow me on TwitterInstagram and Bloglovin'.

Love, Yasmin xxxx

Beauty: Maybelline Lash Sensational Review

Hello everyone!
Happy Sunday, I hope you are all doing well. Today I thought I would talk about a product which has been raved about for the past few months and had many good reviews: Maybelline's new mascara 'lash sensational.
Now for the past year, I haven't found anything that has even come close to my beloved Benefit 'Roller Lash' mascara, but after hearing so many good reviews I was eager to try Maybelline's new offering, espescially since it's half the price of Roller Lash, and if I can find something which agrees more with my student budget I'm going to lap it up!
 First off what I noticed is the packaging for this mascara is absolutely lovely. It's a beautiful sparkly, light pink colour, so it's really girly, and goes well with my other make up (I'm a blogger, I'm all about the aesthetics aha!)
 Opened the lid and looked at the brush, what scared my was how huge the brush is. In comparison to my roller lash, which has a nice and sensible plastic brush, this one was bug with bristles. Now the only reason that this scared me is because I don't have the steadiest hand and massive brushes tend to go everywhere.

After trying this mascara, I could see straight away what everyone has been raving about. It lifts up my lashes, makes them longer and curls them. If you are patient and wait for the first coat to dry slightly, it is also buildable to make your lashes as long as you want and give a nice separated look. However, if you rush into it too quickly it can become clumped. Also, since I don't tend to wear eyeliner on a day to day basis and a light eye shaddow, it's a lot more difficult to hide when I get mascara on my lids accidentally, which it is not difficult to do with this huge brush. However, I don't think that this is a reflection on the brush but more my inability to keep a steady hand (if any of you have any tips on how to improve that it would be much appreciated).

Over all I would say this product is 100 percent worth the buy - however it definitely won't be over taking my beloved Benefit 'Roller Lash' any time soon!
What are your favourite mascaras at the moment? Don't forget to follow me on InstagramTwitter and Bloglovin'
Love, Yasmin xxx