Life: Little Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

Hey everyone,
I hope you are all doing well! I decided I really wanted to write today's post after having a couple of down days last week. Whilst it was nothing serious that put me in a bit of a bad mood, I really struggled to motivate myself to get on with life and not just sit sulking in bed aimlessly scrolling through Twitter. This sound familiar to anyone? Of course we all get this feeling from time to time, where we feel like life just isn't going quite right and we need some pick me ups right? So in today's post I'm gonna discuss what I did to get myself back on my feet :)

1) Get yourself physically ready for the day.
One of the main things that I find is necessary in order to get myself feeling better and more motivated is to make sure that I look like I'm ready for business. If I'm sat in dowdy old sweats, no make up and messy hair, with no effort put into myself, I tend to find it a lot harder to put effort into anything else. So I always make sure I take a nice, long, hot shower, pick out an outfit I feel great in and do my hair and make up nicely. Instantly I feel better about myself and way more ready to take on the day. I'm not suggesting that you have to look nice in order to feel better or anything like that, but I am suggesting that taking a few simple steps to make you feel good about your appearance can make the world of difference in how you feel about yourself. 

2) Have some 'ME' time: In the whole rush of life and craziness of trying to keep up with schedules and deadlines, it can seem like such a struggle to feel like you are actually doing anything to benefit yourself. and you can often find yourself going from one day to the next without ever really taking into consideration how you got there. In among all of this, I like to make sure that I give myself a chance to unwind and setting aside at least an hour a day to do things that purely benefit me and make me happy, For example, I like to read a book, or listen to music (at the moment I am absolutely loving Selena Gomez's newest album 'Revival!) or even just catching up on social media or giving my mum a call to see how she's doing. By doing this it is bound to lift your mood!

3) Do some gentle exercise: I'm sure we all know by now, exercise releases endorphin's that really improve our mood and make us feel so much better, so why don't we all follow this age old advice and do it. I know what you're thinking, eugh, exercise. But if it's going to make you feel better in the long run, why not just do it? Now I'm not saying you have to do a hardcore workout AT all. I like to walk by the beach or take a yoga or dance class, something that I know I will enjoy and forget that I'm even exercising at all.

4) Tidy space = tidy mind: I genuinely think that being able to do your work to a good standard requires being organised. unluckily for a lot of us that doesn't come naturally. A good start is making sure your work space is tidy. I usually set apart one day about once a month, to sort through my room and make sure everything is clean and tidy and organised. This means that for the rest of the month I can rest assured that I can get on with my work without  having to worry about organizing my self. I always throw away paper work that I no longer need and make sure my desk is clear so that I can think straight.

5) Eating correctly: I;m not going to pretend I'm one of those people who eats really well all the time, I'm really really not. However, I do believe that making small changes to your diet can really help boost your mood. For example, switching to green tea has relaxed me greatly. Or swtiching to snacking on fruit and nuts means that my energy is sustained for longer, and I don't crash after a couple of hours. 

What are your tips for cheering yourself up? I hope that some of these have been helpful to you and that you enjoyed reading this post! Don't forget to follow me on instagramTwitter and Bloglovin'
Love, Yasmin xxx

Fashion: spring wishlist

Hello everyone!
I am so excited for summer! Every day at the moment I find myself drifting into daydreams about festivals and holidays and all the clothes which I want to wear while the weather is warmer. Espescially with Coachella happening recently I have been stalking so many celebrities and bloggers to see what their wearing and inspiring myself for my summer wardobe! Here is what I have been loving most:

1) The Bardot Top: I am so happy that these are making their way back into fashion! These gorgeous tops are a classic and one way of making your outfit more dressed up and interesting whilst still being comfortable. I love this one from Miss Selfridge, the ruffles really give it something extra and I think that this would be perfect for a festival, and I would pair it with some denim shorts and a body chain underneath for the cool summer vibe.

2) The Pinafore Dress: If you've ever read any of my previous fashion posts I suspect you will know that I have an undying love for pinafores, so you can only imagine my excitement when Topshop bought out a range in beautiful pastel colours for spring and summer.I am obsessed with this dusky pink shade and think that it would look so cute with a pair of white converse and a white crop top underneath. I would also do my hair in french plaits for an ultra playful vibe. 

3) The mid- length skirt: I am absolutely in love with longer skirts at the moment. They are a simple way of updating your wardrobe for a more 'sophisticated' vibe. I can imagine wearing these skirts to a bbq or a pub on sunny evenings. Theyre also perfect for those of you who don't like to get your legs out as they're still cool and light for the warmer days.

spring wishlist

So there is my wishlist for the next few months! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe got some inspiration for summer. Hope you are all having a lovely week! Don't for get to follow me on bloglovin' and GFC! 
Love, Yasmin xxx