Fashion: What's in my bag? 2016

Hello everyone!
Last year I posted a what's in my bag and I got such a good response (mainly because you're probably all such a nosy bunch, like me) and so I thought that I would do another one, since I have a new bag that I generally like to carry round with me instead.
I got this backpack from Primark quite a while ago and didn't expect it at first to become the one that I used all the time, however, I've found it so useful! Whilst handbags can be big, bulky and get in the way, this you can throw on your back and get on with what ever you need to do. I find as well that if I have a lot of stuff in there as well I generally don't get back or shoulder ache like I do with a traditional handbag. Any way, without further ado, here is what is in my bag:

First up I have my Zara perfume which featured in my December Favourites. It's the perfect size for my handbag as its a really little bottle and it's always nice to have some fragrance to top up with throughout the day, especially if you're out all day.

A fairly new addition to my bag is this lovely Cath Kidston ticket holder, which has come in so handy for me recently. I've found that it's a lot easier to have this whilst you're travelling on trains or buses so that you don't have to keep getting out your purse and fumbling about because you don't even need to take this out of the holder to use.

Who always spends longer looking for their keys in their bag than actually using them to open the door? Well, this was always me before I found this adorable pom pom keyring from newlook. Because it's so big you will never lose your keys in your bag, plus, pom poms are so in right now.

One thing you may not know about me is that I am as blind as a bat, for real. Most of the time I wear contact lenses, however sometimes they can get a bit sticky or uncomfortable throughout the day so I always bring my glasses with me just in case. These ones are from specsavers and I absolutely love them, they make me feel so trendy and sophisticated,

I also always take a mini can of deodrant with me, just incase I get a bit flustered or hot, as well as my Cath Kidston purse which I've had for ages now, but still absolutely love.

Here, we have two of my study essentials; earphones and a project A4 notebook. I think that this size notebook is really good so that you have space and can see what you're doing in terms or your work, as smaller notebooks can get a bit cramped and I find I can barely understand my notes!

And of course, last but not least, I have my iPhone.

What do you carry in your bag? Any essentials? I really hope you enjoyed this post and would love to know what you think in the comments! Also don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' and all my social media :)

Love, Yasmin xxx


  1. such a lovely post<3 You wouldn't think that bag was from Primark either! x

  2. I love your bag and that purse is so pretty! x


  3. Headphones have been my essential recently in my bag!
    Charlotte //