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I feel like every body will be saying this, but I can't believe that we are already in the last week of 2016. This year has been absolutely crazy. I feel that he end of the calls for a time to reflect on what has happened and how you can improve yourself for the next year. I don't really set new years resolutions as such, but I do like to set goals to achieve for the next year. This time last year I wrote a post called 'Goals and aims for 2016' and I wanted to have a look at those today, see how I got on and then set my self some new goals for the year.


Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you my go to makeup look for the festive season. At this time of year, we're often rushing about, doing our shopping, going to parties and making sure that we catch up with everyone, there can be very little time to focus on what makeup we do. I think that this is such a shame as the makeup that is acceptable at Christmas is so gorgeous, and a novelty because we don't really get to wear it at any other time of the year!

So here is  my go to make up look that I will be wearing throughout the rest of the week, so that I don't have to faff about with trying new products and know that it will look great in a hurry.


Hello everyone!

Today I thought I would write a little bit of a different post. I have been soooo busy recently, which you can probably tell from my more sporadic blog post uploads and therefore super duper lazy in other aspects of my life. Sigh. These include a lot of 'beauty sins'. Things that bloggers and youtubers and the like always tell us not to do. But let's face it, I'm human and I'm really tired at the moment. Oh well what are new years resolutions for anyway?


Hello everyone,

How crazy, I can't believe that 2 years ago I started my blog! It's been an absolute rollercoaster of a ride, but something I never imagined I would fall so head over heels for. Blogging has become a core part of my life and something that I genuinely look forward to doing. I thought that today I would take a little trip down memory lane and have a look at how far I've come in the past two years, and some images from some of my favourite blog posts.


Hello everyone!
It feels like ages since I posted, even though it's only been a week! I have had the craziest week, first I was at home for my birthday and spent the day in London with my boyfriend and went to a small gig near Kings Cross and stayed in a hotel afterwards. The day afterwards we went out for a lovely meal with my family at 'Bills', which I just have to say, was absolutely incredible. I know that Bill's isn't new or anything, but I'd never been before and I was thoroughly impressed. The food and drink was up my street and the ambiance was lovely. After that I had to rush back to uni and I've either been in lectures, at work or in the library completing assignments, and now I finally have a day off.

Today I thought I would give a first impressions post of the new(ish) Urban Decay Naked Pallette which I received for my birthday. I know it's been out for a while now, but I wanted to give my opinion on it.


Hello everyone!
Today I thought I would do a little update post for you! The other week, my boyfriend came to visit me in Bournemouth for a few days and it was absolutely lovely. We went to the beach, had bubble tea and went on a night out with my uni friends. We also decided to take a little day trip.


Hello everyone!
The other day, I was bit bored (and kind of procrastinating uni work) so I decided to play around with makeup looks. It was one of those times that I ended up really liking the end result, despite not really having much of a plan - typically as well the furthest I went to show it off was the supermarket! 
However, I thought that I would share it with you because I really like it.


Hi Loves!

The other day, I was sent a gorgeous a necklace* from the lovely Stephanie at Statement Made Jewellery, and I really wanted to write a blog post about it a I have officially fallen in love with it, and all the jewellery that she has to offer!


Hello everyone!
I think that autumn is an awesome time of the year to try out new lipstick shades that you normally wouldn't go for... I know that I always feel like I can be more experimental when the weather's a bit colder!


Hello everyone!
Last week I posted a picture to instagram of my university room asking if you would like to see a room tour. Loads of you said yes, so here we go! This is my bedroom:


Hello Everyone! 
As you can probably tell, I'm really starting to get into the autumnal mood and starting to try and make my self look as much look like an autumnal tree as possible (if you missed my autumnal makeup look you can see it here). And now for the first post of November (the best month of the year, because it's my birthday month), I wanted to show you this gorgeous autumnal jumper from H&M. 


Hi everyone!
I can't believe it's already that time of year again and that tomorrow is Halloween! I absolutely love this day, and love getting into the spirit of it. This year, my house mates and I are going to a halloween party and then going out clubbing in one of our favourite night clubs (which is actually a renovated church?!?), which should be so fun.

I've  been really under prepared and not shot my halloween costume or make up to share with you (bad blogger points there) but I didn't want to do nothing at all. I think it's fair to say we are definitely in full swing of autumn, what with halloween and bonfire night coming up soon, so I thought I would share one of my favourite autumnal make up looks.

Life: We need to talk about body image

Hey everyone!

Today's post is a little bit different than normal. Today I'm going to talk about body image.

So I have been back at university about 1 month and a half now, and as you can imagine, the assignments are coming at me hard and fast, and I have a lot to do. Of course, I absolutely love my course so a lot of these assignments are actually pretty enjoyable for me. One that particularly has stuck out to me and got me very excited, is the assignment to create a web portfolio (essentially a blog) about a social issue affected by web and mobile communications.

Fashion: Bomber Jacket's love

Hello everyone! 
I feel like every blogger right now is absolutely loving that it is autumn and I am more than happy to jump on that band wagon. As much as I love summer, when it comes to fashion, autumn is just the best. Today, I wanted to talk about my favourite staple of the autumn so far; my bomber jacket. 

I got this khaki one from boohoo, and I am so in love with it. Not only is this jacket actually warm (yes, i'm looking at you stylish but impractical leather jacket), it goes with pretty much all of my wardrobe. 

Fashion: Autumn Favourites

Hello everyone! I really wanted to share with you some of my favourite fashion staples. At the moment I'm really liking the 90's vibe (and really channeling my inner Rachel Green), and as you can see a lot of the items I've picked are over sized and denim.

Topshop blue dress
£54 - topshop.com

I absolutely love pinafore dresses as they make me feel like i'm 5 years old again. The 90's baby in me is all over this with wearing it over an oversized sweater with tights and boots. I find them so adorable and wintery.

MANGO pink sweater
£58 - mango.com

And here is a gorgeous over sized roll neck sweater that i absolutely want. I think that not only will this be warm and cosy, but it just looks so cute. I also love the baby pink colour as it's so girly and pretty.

T By Alexander Wang bomber jacket
£590 - farfetch.com

Bomber jackets are by far my favourite jackets for this time of year. I obviously will never be able to afford this Alexander Wang jacket, but hey a girl can dream!

Topshop high rise jeans
£66 - topshop.com

How cool are these ripped jeans? I think they are so edgy and the perfect statement piece for this time of year!

New Look bib overall

I'm also obessed with dungarees! Much like the pinafore, I find this just the epitome of 90's cool. I love wearing these with gorgeous crop top and big hooped earrings. 

Adidas Originals athletic shoes
£34 - 6pm.com

Gotta love the classic adidas shoes! These are so comfy and casual and just make any outfit look instantly cooler. 

What fashion items are you loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments! 
Love, Yasmin xxx

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Beauty: What I've been loving recently

Hello everyone! It feels like an absolute age since I've talked about anything beauty related on my blog, which is really quite strange since I'm low key a little bit obsessed with make up. So I thought today you and I would have a little catch up about what beauty products have been currently popping up in my life.

1) Barry M lipstick in Red my lips
Ahhh one thing that I absolutely love about autumn is that it again becomes the season for lipstick, and in particular, I mean RED lipstick. If you're a lucky sod who can rock red lipstick in summer, I envy you. I, unfortunately have to wait until the colder months come around again. Recently I've absolutely been loving this Barry M one as it's just a lovely classic cherry red with a lovely sheen finish, which is my favourite kind of lipstick.

Life: 5 Ways To Get A Better Night Sleep

Hello Everyone!
We've all been there, tossing and turning all night, sticking one leg out of the covers, then both legs, then realising a monster could come and eat you at any second so sticking them both under. Calculating how many hours sleep you'll get if you fall asleep now, and then stressing because it's far too little and you've got a busy day tomorrow. The next morning may as well be your audition tape to be an extra in the latest zombie film. Well boys and girls, I am here today to give you some tips to help you get that better night sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. I believe that a good night sleep really sets you up for the day and can make you so much more productive, so without further ado here is how to get a better night's sleep.

The BEST week in Prague!

Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to write about my holiday in Prague in the Czech Republic.

4 Books you need to read IMMEDIATELY

Hello everyone!
I really loved recently sharing some of my favourite books, and because it's summer I've been reading a heck of a lot more, which I love. So I thought that I would give a bit of a review and round up of what books I've been reading recently as I've really been enjoying.

The curious incident of the dog in the night time:
So this book was recommended to me by my boyfriend, it's about a teenage boy who has Asperger's and is written as his diary. It's an excellent insight into his mind and really interesting to see how his brain works. It's written very simply but is still an excellent read. I honestly couldn't put it down and I read it in only two days. Would highly recommend!

The Elephant Girl
Who loves a bit of a mystery? I do! This book folllows Helen as she ends up investigating the murder of her mother by moving in with the woman who was convicted of her murder. She finds out there are lots of people who could be suspects of her mothers murder and that there are many family secrets. It's really gripping as you realise the original suspect may not have done the crime and actually start to like her. Helen also has to deal with personal struggles such as epilepsy and not being able to let people she cares about in.

The stall of second chances
For a budding journalist, like me, this book was a really great read! It follows Sidney, an aspiring food journalist as she has to make a decision as to whether landing the career of her dreams by writing a contronversial story is worth risking losing her friends, co workers and a new found love. This book is a really easy, girly read and you really get transported into the world of Sidney and the world of the food market and get invested into her dilemmas.

If you're not the one
Have you ever wandered what your life would be like if you made a different decision? When.... is involved in a car accident and goes into a coma, she has the opportunity to witness what her life would have been like if she had ended up with a different man. This book is a really easy read, but also puts into perspective how little things could change the course of our lives in a big way.

Have you read any of these books? I would definitely recommend all of them if you haven't!
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Love,Yasmin xxx

UNBOXING the best new flat iron!

Hello everyone! 
For those of you who love a new hair gadget I've got an awesome blog post for you today. Recently, I was contacted by Irresistable Me asking me if I would like to try some of their hair extensions from their site. I looked at their site and was super excited as their clip in extansions look so amazing and natural and are such a good price, however I don't really use them as I already have ridiculously long hair (see pictures below). So they said that I could try one of their styling products. So after having a browse of the website I decided to have a go with the diamond flat iron* (retailed at the amazing price of $149!) as I'm long over due some new straighteners and these look right up my street. 

The diamond flat iron came in a lovely black box which made it feel extra special. I opened it up and was instantly in love with the funky red colour! Taking it out of the box it's super lightweight and has a really good length cord (25 metres long!), which is perfect for me as I really can't sit still when I'm doing my hair and I love to have a little wonder around - anyone else the same? 

Switching it on was really simple and had no need for instructions with a simple on/ off button and the green light switching on when it's on, and then plus and minus temperature buttons to control the heat, with the green light moving up and down as you get higher and lower. It also conviniently tells you when it's ready to use when by counting up the temperature until it has reached the correct one. And it heated up really quickly so I could use it pretty much straight away (thumbs up!)

I decided to try it out after having my hair in french plaits all day as my hair is actually naturally straight, so generally even the worst of straighteners will cure mine, so with this wavy hair from plaits I could give it a proper review. Here is what it looked like before, very wavy and crinkly at the bottom and the kind of hair that if you run a tangle teezer through it, it's going to puff out.

I sectioned out my hair and straightened it as normal (after putting on heat protection spray of course!). As I pressed it onto my hair it generally only took two swipes through my hair to make each strand straight, if not only one! For more curly hair, it my take a few more but probably not too many!  As I was straightening it was so clear how light the product is and how comfortable this makes straightening your hair, making sure that I don't get a dead arm from holding it up too long! 

  I love the final result! My hair is super straight as well as silky and smooth! It took barely any time at all to achieve this look so is perfect for those of you who are rushing around in the morning. My only criticism of this product would be that it doesn't come with a heat proof mat, which I see as an essential for any hair styling product to keep them from causing a fire or even just damaging surfaces. However the overall prouduct is definitely worth the buy! 

Let me know what you think of this post and if you will be trying this or any other of Irresistible me stylers. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin'!

Love, Yasmin xxx

4 Essentials YOU need in your flight carry on

Hello Everyone! 
Long time, no blog I know, I've really missed keeping to a schedule but unfortunately I have been so busy! Hopefully things will calm down a bit now and I can get back to normal. Today's post is all about what is going in my carry on bag for my holdiday (which I am finally leaving for tomorrow! Woo!). This year my boyfriend and I am flying out for a city break to Prague in the Cheque Republic and I am so excited! It's a place neither of us have been to before and have heard really good things about, so hopefully it will be an amazing trip. I will most definitely posting some pics on here so keep your eyes peeled!

1) Books and magazines 
These are an absolute must for me! One of the most important parts of a holiday are to be able to relax, and the best way for me to do that is by reading. I love Cosmo and Glamour, they're some of my favourite magazines and they're also one of the best prices out there (who knew that cosmo was only £1 now?!?!). Mags are great for when you mindlessly want to flick through and read about fun things like fashion and beauty. I also have to have a book and at the moment I'm reading 'If you're not the one' by Emma Forte which is a really great girly. easy read that you can really get your nose stuck into. I find them so useful in a carry on because you can often have a lot of waiting around when travelling and this just passes the time so well!

2) Important bits and bobs
So obviouusly in my carry on I have to have my iPhone, charger, earphones (you can't go through a flight without music) and my purse. Pretty standard but you definitely can't forget any of these items!

3) Glasses and contact lenses
If you're blind as a bat like me, you'll know that you HAVE to have a backup way to see when travelling. I always carry spare contact lenses in case one falls out or they become uncomfortable, my glasses, in case I get tired and want to sleep  on the plane and a pair of sunglasses because there's nothing better than stepping off a plane into bright sunshine and popping your sunnies on - it really gets you in the holiday mood!

 4) Toiletries
 Obviously you can only take a certain amount of liquids onto an aeroplane so you really only need to bring the essentials in your carry on. I bring a face wash and moisturiser, in case I feel gross after a flight, or before a flight if it's quite a long one. I also HAVE to take my tangle teaser because my hair would look extremely awful by the time I got off the flight if I just left it. It's always good to carry a compact mirror just in case too, both for my contact lenses and make up.

5) Makeup
Again, with make up you only want to be bringing the essentials, and to be honest, who can be bothered with a full face of make up on a flight? I just bring foundation, a small eye shadow and contour palette, eyebrow kit, mascara, eyelinee and a nude liquid lipstick. It's also good to carry your makeup in case your main luggage gets lost or anything like that. 

So there we go! That's what I carry in my bag on a plane! What do you like to take with you?
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Life: Worry Guts

Hello everyone!
I'm sorry I've been a little bit off with my posting schedule for a little while, but I have been super busy completing work experience at Essentials magazine/ Goodtoknow.co.uk. As you can imagine my days are completely full and I'm not yet used to fitting in blogging with a 9-5 work schedule. But any way, here is a new post.
My work experience is one of the things that has actually inspired me to write this post. I wanted to talk today about worrying. Now this post is a little bit different because it's not really a tips or advice kind of post as I would normally do, but it's more just my thoughts on worrying, anxiousness and building things up in your head. 

I feel like we've all been there. There's something, whether that be an event or task or meeting or exam, coming up in your life that you know you have to do. You can't get round it, or if you can, you don't want to because you know it will be beneficial to you. As the days get nearer and nearer, it's literally all you can think about, You start coming up with all the worst case scenarios in your head, all the things which could possibly go wrong. Some are quite likely, others are completely random. Along with this you start thinking of ways that you could get out it, and then feeling guilty because you know that you need to do this. You try and talk yourself into why it's a good thing that you have to do this task, even though you're nervous. But still in your head you're just thinking... I don't want to do this.

This is exactly how I felt the night before I did my work experience. It's also exactly how I felt the night before all my A Level exams, before my job interview, before I started university and countless other occasions. A week and a half ago, I was sat on my bed crying to my boyfriend because I was so nervous about my work experience. The funny thing was, I knew I was being silly. I knew that it would be really beneficial for me and the likely hood was that I was going to enjoy it. And now with the power of hind sight (what a marvelous thing that is) I can totally say that I had nothing to worry about. And I can also say that for all the other occasions where I've felt awful nerves. So why do I still continue to get so worried?

I guess it's natural. My mum has always called me a worry guts. Even in primary school I used to worry that my short stories in English or my collages in art weren't up to the standard of all the other kids and that I was going to be disappointing my teacher. Strange I know. One of the things that has definitely made me feel better over the years is the realsiation that everyone feels exactly the same and everyone worries. When you're younger it looks like everyone is just breezing through life without a second thought, but as you get older you realise that there are just some people who are better at hiding it. 

One thing I've always been quite proud of myself for doing is not letting my worries get in the way of me taking up a good opportunity, no matter how scared I am to do it, because I know deep down I will regret it if I don't. I know that worrying isn't likely to be something that goes away and it's something that we will all have to deal with for the rest of our lives. I find that writing about it, in my diary (yes I keep a diary!), talking about it with someone close, or just trying to forget about it by listening to music or going to my calm place at the beach most of the time manage to keep the nerves at bay.

I hope that all of you take as many opportunities
as you can, and don't beat yourselves up for being worried about something - it's completely natural! Let me know of any experiences you've had with worrying, or any tips you have to keep it at bay in the comments, I would love to hear!
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more like this please let me know. 

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Until next time,
Yasmin xxx

Fashion: Dreamy Watch From 'House Of Florrie'

Hello everyone! So I've never really been the biggest fan of jewelry. I find that it can be a bit too much and some people really over do it. I normally prefer pieces of understated jewelry that normally aren't too expensive (seriously it makes me feel sick the amount some people spend on it!). Having said this, one item of jewelry I am always happy to spend a bit of money on and properly spend time chosing is a watch. I think they are the perfect addition to any outfit and they come in so many styles that there is always on for any occasion.
The other week I was contacted by House Of Florrie asking me if I would like to try one of their gorgeous time pieces, and I could pick any of them from their range. So I took a browse on their website and wow - oh - wow, I was absolutely blown away. 
They have a really good range of watches in different styles and colours, with mesh chains, more chunky chains, leather straps, as well as interchangable straps. I decided to go for the Eleanor Rose Gold pearlised pink one with a white face and rose gold hard ware and a pearlised pink strap. I absolutely fell in love with this one as it's so girly and pretty. I think that this one will go with loads of my outfits particularly over the summer where I wear a lot of white, creams and browns and neutral colours. ( I think I might do an outfit post styling some of my summer neutral outfits... comment if you would like to see!)
The price of the watches range from around £85 - £115 which so good for a really good quality watch. These watches are have genuine leather straps so they will definitely last and not ruin. 
I also loved all the deails that came with the package of the watch. It comes in this gorgeous patterented box with adorable little notes inside. 

I would highly recommend that if you are looking for a new, gorgeous watch, that you check out House of Florrie's website, there really is something for everyone!
Comment below what watch brands that you like, I would love to have a browse!
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Love, Yasmin xxx

Fashion: A Love Affair With Boyfriend Jeans

Hello Everyone! 
Here's a new fashion post for you, today I wanted to talk about my current love for boyfriend jeans. I have to say for years now, I didn't think I could wear jeans that weren't skinny, and more specifically, Topshop Joni Jeans. I know, I know, so boring and so unadventurous! But as some one who struggles to find jeans that fit me decently and look good (I'm 5"2 and have literally the shortest legs ever), I had got into a habit with some jeans I knew that I loved and were comfortable for me. Without a doubt I still love joni jeans and they will always be a stable in my wardrobe HOWEVER I have been a lot more adventerous recently with my jeans and I am so glad that I have taken a bigger step to change it up. Last year on a whim, I saw these boyfriend jeans on sale on Boohoo.com and thought they were such a good price that it was the perfect time to try them out. I love how they are a really traditonal denim jean blue colour, as it's a colour that most people tend to forget about with white, black and various different other colours of jeans, but this is just so classic. What also drew me to these jeans was that they are highly distressed, which just adds an extra dimension to any outfit and makes it look more edgy and laid back. I wore this look whilst on holiday when on the beach and found these jeans were perfect as they gave a really lovely beachy, laid back vibe. Also, because boyfriend jeans look great rolled up, I didn't have to worry too much about the length. In this look I decided to pair them with a chunky black belt, a black leotard, brown sandals and a choker. I think this look is a great laid back summer vibe and slightly warmer for when Britain gets a bit colder (as it already has done, boo). 

Have you tried boyfriend jeans? Or are there any other style of jeans you think I should try in my attempts to be more adventerous? Be sure to give me a comment!
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Love, Yasmin xxx