Life: Festive Evening Routine

Hello everyone! 
Can you believe its only 5 days until Christmas? Its absolutely crazy, December has flown by! To get you even more in the festive spirit today, I thought I would talk about a typical evening that I will have during this season to relax and get me feeling all Christmassy after a long day of work. 
The first thing that I'll do is get myself into some comfy Christmas pyjamas, including these gorgeously soft socks from primark, I like these because they have the cute pattern on the outside and they're so fluffy and warm on the inside. After this I like to pop some fairy lights on and light a candle to give some mood lighting. At the moment it obviously has to be Yankee Candle's 'Christmas Memories' which just smells like everything good about Christmas including cinnamon and gingerbread. Then I always make myself a hot chocolate (which would not be complete without spray cream and marshmallows) in my 'Boofle' mug that says 'I wish I was still in bed' which is always true. Of course I also have to have a mince pie! I'll then pop on a christmassy film and curl up on the sofa, at the moment I'm loving Frozen (judge me!)

What's part of your Christmas routine? Hope you're all having a lovely build up to Christmas!
Love, Yasmin


  1. That hot chocolate looks incredible, fancy making me one? haha!
    Charlotte //

  2. This post left a big smile on my face. Love it. One hot chocolate for me too please :) Merry christmas

    Curious and Confused me

  3. Reading this and wishing it was still christmas! That hot chocolate looks to die for.. i miss eating mince pies x