Life at Bournemouth University

Hello everyone! Long time, no see...
I have been absolutely crazy busy since I started university this September, and finally, I'm going to be giving you an insight into my new life in Bournemouth.  
I'm so glad that I chose the university and the course that I did because they are absolutely perfect for me. Bournemouth is a lovely coastal town in the south of England and is about two hours from london and 3 hours from Essex, so I feel that it is the perfect distance from home. 
The night life here is brilliant, with some sort of event or student night happening every night, meaning that a party is never too far around the corner. The course that I am studying is Communication and Media, which is perfect for me as I am studying writing skills, journalism, film, advertising, among a whole range of other things, all of which I am very interested in. I am also planning on joining the Fashion Network society and will be looking into writing for the university media group, as I feel there are some really good opportunities there. 
 My flat is lovely and modern ( which is quite unusual for a halls of residence so I am very lucky!) and I am also very lucky to have fun, friendly and tidy housemates. 
I also love that in Bournemouth, the beach is five minutes down the road as i have always found beaches so relaxing and beautiful. 

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Love, Yasmin xxx


  1. Your room is so lovely! What a gorgeous view too!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  2. These are such great images, and good to hear of the beach nearby. Muat be so lovely. Good luck with the media course, plus the activity for media from the university you would like to do. Sounds very exciting. Make the most of it, your work is going to be so great. Take care always, and reallly sweet post. Including, yum on the fish and chips...i better go eat :)

  3. Nice pictures


  4. This is so good! Hope you have a fantastic wednesday!


  5. Beautiful pics, Yasmina. Thank you so much for dropping by my place and leaving such a nice comment. You have a new follower ;) Please keep in touch and good luck, girl.

  6. Ahhh makes me so excited for uni! I was supposed to go this year too but ended up taking a gap year! Hope my experience is as fab as yours! xx

    1. Ah thank you! Hope you enjoy your gap year :) xxx

  7. Your flat looks lovely! Enjoy uni because it goes so fast, I'm in 3rd year now and I feel like I blinked and it is nearly over!

    1. Thank you! and yes I definitely will, its already going so quickly!