Life at Bournemouth University

Hello everyone! Long time, no see...
I have been absolutely crazy busy since I started university this September, and finally, I'm going to be giving you an insight into my new life in Bournemouth.  
I'm so glad that I chose the university and the course that I did because they are absolutely perfect for me. Bournemouth is a lovely coastal town in the south of England and is about two hours from london and 3 hours from Essex, so I feel that it is the perfect distance from home. 
The night life here is brilliant, with some sort of event or student night happening every night, meaning that a party is never too far around the corner. The course that I am studying is Communication and Media, which is perfect for me as I am studying writing skills, journalism, film, advertising, among a whole range of other things, all of which I am very interested in. I am also planning on joining the Fashion Network society and will be looking into writing for the university media group, as I feel there are some really good opportunities there. 
 My flat is lovely and modern ( which is quite unusual for a halls of residence so I am very lucky!) and I am also very lucky to have fun, friendly and tidy housemates. 
I also love that in Bournemouth, the beach is five minutes down the road as i have always found beaches so relaxing and beautiful. 

Thank you so much for reading! Don't forget to follow me on GFC and Bloglovin'! 
Love, Yasmin xxx