Beauty: Current favourite foundation

Recently, I have been absolutely loving the Benefit Oxygen Wow foundation as a staple for my makeup routine.

Since going on holiday, being in the sun and soaking up that vitamin D, I'm happy to say the quality of my skin has improved dramatically (I'm going to miss you summer), and I've found that this foundation has been perfect for my skin at this time.

With very light coverage, some may argue it has quite a similar consistency to a tinted moisturiser, but I find that it still gives me that amazing glowey and evened out tone that I desire in my foundation.

I find that this foundation goes really well with natural, fresh and simple makeup looks such as with a pale pink shimmery eye shadow, some mascara and a nude lip gloss.

What have your go to foundations been over the summer? Also anyone dreading dragging out the higher coverage stuff for winter?:(

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Love, Yasmin xx


  1. Nice post. I have been looking for new foundation, I should really check out yours. I've being using NAKED foundation for few years now.