February Favourites 2015

Well, here we are again, time for another monthly favourites post! I've got quite a lot to talk about this month as there has been so much that I've been loving, mainly makeup. Anyway, lets get on with it;

First up is the Collection brow kit. I decided to try this because I needed something new for my brows, but didn't really want to break the bank over it. It comes with three shades of light, medium and dark brown. At the moment I'm using the medium one the most, but I think in summer I may use the lighter one when my hair gets blonder. It also comes with a brow setting gel which is really handy.

Also from Collection, I've really been loving their Fast Stroke Eyeliner. It's really easy to apply, and very long lasting.
As you can see in the photo, I've absolutely worn to death the Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake. It's the perfect natural shade, and this lipstick (if you can call it that?) is sooo hydrating and so comfortable to wear on a day to day basis. I usually just dab it on my lips and rub it in more a subtle look.
The No7 Stay Perfect Long Lasting Volume has an absolutely tiny little brush, but I think this is really great. When a mascara wand is too big, I just end up getting it all over my eyes. This mascara is perfect for a natural, every day lash, and is really good for lengthening my eyes.
Recently I've also been doing quite a lot of smokey eyes so the Topshop Kohl Eyeliner has been perfect for that.
It's been years since I've stepped away from my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. However this month I pushed myself to branch out and go for the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I'm sure you've heard about this concealer a million times, so I won't bore you with a full on review. However what I will say is that it does exactly what it says on that tin, it makes eyes look so bright!
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Love, Yasmin xxx


Primark Haul

Who doesn't love Primark? I certainly do! Sometimes it's nice to go into Primark and have a good old spend up. What I love about it, is that I can get 5 times the items that I would get in say, Topshop, for the same price. If you're clever, you can really get a good outfit out of Primark that looks good quality.
Anyway... here's what I bought!

(Dusty wanted a moment to shine haha!)

I love this fedora! I feel that one of these instantly makes an outfit look more chic and 'fashionable' it has a little bow around the side, which I think is adorable! This was £11

I bought this bag for £4. This will be great for when I don't need to take my massive handbag around with me. I has a gold buckle and a long black strap, which can easily be tucked into to be made into a clutch bag.

These ballet pumps where also £4. I have a small obsession with having different pairs of pumps, and these ones are so comfy! Don't think you can go wrong for this price! I think that pumps make an outfit look so smart. They go with skinny jeans and skirts!

This is the cheapest item in my haul - £1.50! I've wanted a pair of sunglasses like this for sooooo long. The flick in them reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's (one of the best films ever).

I think this dusty pink boyfriend coat is my favourite think in this haul, it was £15 and is the perfect light jacket as we go into spring and summer. I think that it would go well with any of the items in this haul, and give the perfect pop of colour to my outfit.
What have you been loving from Primark at the moment?

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Love Yasmin xxx

Me wearing my new purchases... In case you were wondering ;)

My beauty essentials for a night out

Hello my loves!
There's nothing better than a night on the town with all your girlfriends, getting all dressed up and dancing the night away. Here is what I like to use when getting ready to make me feel gorgeous and in tip top condition.
Tresemme Salon Finish Hair Spray:  When you're curling you hair, and you have long hair like me, you're gonna have to put a tonne of hair spray on to make sure those curls don't drop on a hot and sweaty dance floor! I think this one is great as it has great staying power and doesn't make your hair all gross and crispy
Garnier Summer Body (Gradual tan): Since it's only February, and the sun is still to make an appearance, I'm really missing having that summer glow. Because I don't trust myself to fully fake tan, I just use gradual tan 3 or 4 days leading up to my night out. I find it so much easer to use and I actually really like the smell of it! I also like this one because it's really moisturising.
Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body scrub: Before I even think about putting my tan on, it is so important to exfoliate to get rid of all the dead skin cells to make your skin lovely and soft so your tan applies more naturally and even. I love this one because it smells absolutely gorgeous and makes my skin feel so new! I always rub it into dry skin before I get into the shower then wash it off.
Herbal Essences Split End Remedy shampoo and conditioner: I always wash my hair before I go out, and at the moment I'm loving this shampoo and conditioner. It smells so gorgeous and is helping to strengthen my hair and make it extra shiny! (also a little part of me just loves having matching shampoo and conditioner haha!)
Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in 'Queen of Hearts': This is my go to red lippy for a night out. It goes with most of my outfits and I think it's such a lovely classic red colour. The pigment of it is beautiful too and it's very easy to wear. Always pop this little beauty in my clutch bag.
Taylor Swift 'Wonderstruck, Enchanted' Perfume: This is my all time favourite perfume, I think the smell is so pretty and girly, but definitely not too over powering. There is also a hint of warmth and spice to it. Not to mention the bottle is so pretty!
What are your essentials when you're going on a night out?
Love, Yasmin xxx
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The Liebster Award

Hi there my lovelies :)

I was nominated by Sophie to do the Liebster Award (who you should all check out because her blog is sooooo lovely. Just saying.) . I'm really excited to this as I love reading everyone else's! The way that this works is that another blogger will let you know if they have nominated you for this award. You then have to answer 11 questions that they have picked out for you and then you have to nominate more bloggers with 11 of your own questions. This is a fabulous way to get to know more bloggers and find out who has similar interests to you!
My 11 questions are:

 1. What is your biggest dream?

Okay, this may or may not sound cliché , but my biggest dream is to travel the world with someone that I love. Whether this is through my career or through a spontaneous decision, I want to experience as much of the world as possible, discover new people and have fun. If you're not happy what's the point of a dream?

2. What makes you happy?

Being with my friends, reading, food, having perfect eyeliner, my cat, hard work paying off, live music, summer, beaches. However it doesn't take a lot to make me happy, I just enjoy the simple things in life :)

 3. What made you start blogging?

I love reading blogs and learning about new products and makeup and other people's lives, and I just wanted to give it a go as well! I also think it's great that I've found something im really passionate about. I love researching how to make my blog better and more professional, and although it's a long way from being perfect, I'm so happy with the journey I'm taking! I love to be creative and this is a perfect outlet.

 4. Do you have any big talents? If so what?

Since I was in year 7, I've always been 'Gifted and Talented' in drama. I love acting, and whilst I don't think that I'm good enough to make it my career or anything, I've had some amazing opportunities, such as travelling all over England to perform in different productions, as well as being lucky enough to be a zombie in a short horror film on a professional set. All of these were incredible and whilst I'm not the best actress ever, I am quite proud of my little talent :)

 5. Describe your perfect holiday
Whilst I want to become more well travelled, I will always hold a special place for turkey. I'm half Turkish and I just love the culture there. It's so rustic and beautiful. My family and I normally just spend our whole holiday by the beach or the pool relaxing and eating good food, as well as exploring the local area and talking to the locals because they're all so friendly!

6. Who is your celebrity boy and girl crush?

Nick Jonas and Lucy Hale

7. Do you believe in true love?

Absolutely, 100 percent. I am a hopeless romantic haha!

8. Which Disney movie would you want to live in most? why?

I think that I would like to live the life of Anita in 101 Dalmatians. She lives in London, she has a career as a fashion designer, a lovely husband, lots of Dalmatians and children, she seems to have it all figured out really haha!

9. What is your favourite thing to do at the weekend?

Most weekends I am working, but at night I love going out with my friends, either going to parties or going clubbing. I love getting dressed up, taking loads of photos, socialising with new people (and maybe getting a little bit drunk...haha). I also love having lazy evenings in with my boyfriend, we'll normally get a takeaway and watch a film and just cuddle up in bed.

10. What is a weird fetish you have?

I suppose the main one, would have to be mayo... I have it with basically every single meal and I don't use it sparingly either!! I do need to try and stop eating so much because mayo isn't the healthiest thing, but it just tastes soooo good.

11. What are your pet hates?

People who aren't loyal to their friends irritate me so much!! Your friends are the most important thing - don't let anything or anyone get in the way of that!!

Okay my questions for the people I nominate are

1) Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
2) What is your favourite childhood memory?
3) Favourite person in the world?
4)Where do you want to travel to?
5) Favourite blog to read?
6) Most embarrassing moment?
7) Where did you grow up?
8) Favourite subject at school?
9) Which celebrity's life would you like to live for a day?
10) What was the best day of your life?
11) One thing you would like to improve in your self or your life?

I nominate:

Hope you have fun with it!!!!
Love, Yasmin

TV Series' worth binge- watching

The quote 'I'm not really into an episode a week, I'm more of season a day kinda girl' really sums up how I feel about various different TV series. There is nothing I love more than curling up on a lazy day with my laptop, or in front of the TV to binge watch a new series. Here are the ones that I've been loving.

This is probably one of the most tense programmes I have ever watched. I'm only on season 3 so far, and I can honestly say that I have no ideas how its going to end. One of those programmes that just keep you on the edge of your seat.

I absolutely adore all of the characters in this programme. I think that they are all hilarious and I love how they tackle all the problems together. In my opinion, I think that the first three seasons with the original charcaters are the best, and wasn't so into it after the characters changed.

I'm sure 99% of you have watched every single episode of Friends. 50 times each. However I'm still going to mention it because it is still my favourite TV show ever and I love everything about it. It never fails to put me in good mood.

Pretty Little Liars
WHO IS A??? Will they ever let us know? Probably not. But I love this programme, and it makes me want to be more glamorous. I'm insanely jealous of all the cast, and yet again it makes me sit on the edge of my seat because it's so tense!

Gossip Girl
As well as wanting to live in Rosewood with the Pretty Little Liar girls, I also want to live on the Upper East Side with all the Gossip Girl lot. Scandal and secrecy in a glamorous place, what more could a girl want?

Over the past 2 days I have watched every single episode and It's drving me crazy that I have to wait until Monday for the next one! I was pretty late to jump on the bandwagon, but since there aren't many episodes, I would suggest start it now and catch up! Honestly so good and gripping.

The Walking Dead
Okay this one isn't for the faint hearted. I spend the majority of the programme with my eyes closed because of the gore, however this programme is so much fun, I watch it with my family and it's great to interest everyone.

What are your favourite TV programmes? And what's the most amount of episodes you've watched in one day?

Love Yasmin xx

What's in my bag?

I don't know about you, but I love to be nosy and see what other people are carrying around in their bags. If you share the same curiosity, why don't  you take a little look into my bag? I'll show you everything I think is essential to carry around on a day to day basis (as well as a few things that you probably don't need... but always chuck in there anyway, haha!)

This is my bag and I bought it from H&M for about £35. I absolutely love this bag, the size is great and it has 3 sections, one of which is zipped. The leather on the front and the velvet on the side make this bag look very sophisticated for a high street number. It also has short and long straps and all in all I just find it a very handy bag for day to day life.

The first thing in my bag is my purse. It's from Cath Kidston and I absolutely love it! As with most of her designs, this also is gorgeous. The size is perfect for all my cards, cash, change and receipts.

Next up is my iPhone 5C. Like any typical girl in 2015, I cannot live without this! My case is from Amazon.

I always have to have earphones in my bag, for when I want to concentrate on work, I'm walking somewhere or I have a long train or bus journey. I just use the Apple ones that come with my phone. I think that sound quality is really good and I like how they go into your ears with out completely plugging out sound.

Soap and Glory Handfood. This is a must in the winter, my hands get so dry from the cold!

My notebook. I would so not be able to stay organised if I didn't have this. If I have any work to complete or anything I need to remember I write it down immediately. It's also satisfying when you're stressed to write a to do list and physically cross out each task as you complete it

Umbrella. Also a must when you live in England... you never know when the rains going to creep up on you!

My biggest tip to any of you would have to be to take a bottle of water with you every where you go! I can't count the amount of times that I've been gasping for a drink and been so thankful for having my water. Plus having it with you at all times is the first step to drinking more water.

A book. Also keeps me entertained whenever I need it! Currently reading 'If you could see me now' by Cecelia Ahern and absolutely loving it.

Rimmel Stay Matte powder, Mini Eco tools brush and Collection Lasting Perfection concealer - for emergency shine/ skin issues.

Other things that I keep in my bag are my keys, gloves, tangle teezer, pens... and quite a lot of the time, other random things. What essentials do you keep in your bag?

Love Yasmin xxx