January favourites 2015

How crazy that it's already the end of the first month of 2015? So far I'm really liking this new year and excited for what else it's going to bring! Here is what I've been loving this month:

Barry M Gelly Hi - Shine in 'Pomegranate'. I think that this shade is gorgeous! I absolutely love the quality and wearability of this nail polish, as it lasts really well and I just think that the colour is gorgeous. 

Maybelline Baby Lips in 'Cherry Me'. At the start of January it went down with an awful cold, and unfortunately with that got extremely horrible dry and flakey lips, that were also quite painful. I started using this throughout the day and it helped to heal my lips really well! I also love the slight pink shade you get with it aswell, making my run down and sore lips look good!

Accessorize 'Exposed' pallete. I got this for Christmas a year ago now, but had compeltely forgotten about it in the past few months, until I went out and decided to use it again on New Years Eve. This is a gorgeous neutrals pallete and I think it's a wonderful alternative (not necessarily a dupe because it has different colours) to the Urban Decay Naked Palletes for those of you who don't want to spend too much. The range of colours in here are so wearable for daytime and nighttime.  It's also really handy for on the to with the large mirror and the elastic which holds it shut.

Soap and Glory 'Smoothie Star' deep moisture body milk. What can I say about this product?! It's so hydrating and smells amazing. It also is going to last for ages since its sooo huge! I've been absolutely addicted and using it every single day after my shower.


There are two books that I have been loving this month, both inspired from my all time favourite blogger, miss Tanya Burr. The first is the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I heard Tanya and loads of other people talk about this book and I couldn't wait to read it. I literally finished it today and have to say it's been a long time since I've been so stunned by a book. I won't say what it's about because I think everybody should read it (plus I wouldn't do it justice!) 

The second is Tanya Burr's own book 'Love, Tanya' which I only bought yesterday. Although I have only read a bit so far, it is so inspiring to see how Tanya started her career just like everyone else did and how hard she worked for it. I love  all the tips she's given on make up and fashion as well as what makes her the person she is.

I've also been loving the cinema and films this month. I saw both 'The Theory of Everything' and 'Into the a Woods' recently. Eddie Redmayne portrayed the role of Stephen Hawking absolutely impeccably and it was such an emotional but interesting film! 

I also can't get the songs from 'Into the Woods' out of my head. It featured some of my favourite actors such as James Cordon, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep who were all excellent! 

What have you been loving this month?

Love Yasmin xx

Body Image and Self Confidence

Hello lovelies,

Today I wanted to talk about something quite close to my heart, and something that has fascinated, shocked and even affected me through out my teenage years. Today in class we were researching issues that make our society what it is today, and what came up a lot was the idea of how body image, espescially weight has played a large part in how we act today. A statistic that shocked me when researching was the fact that 1/3 of Kindergarten Children (age 4/5), when asked to state their ideal body shape, chose one smaller than what they already were. Now this is exceptionally young to be aware of how 'large' or 'small' you are, and I still find it sad thinking about the amount of tears I shed as an 11/ 12 year old about my weight and how I looked.

I was one of those girls who hit puberty hard and fast with weight increase, a growth spurt and outburst of spot and blemishes, very close and consecutively to each other. This was before all the other girls, who all seemed to stayed at a cute, small height, skinny and perfect baby skin. To put it bluntly, I felt ugly. I felt out of place from everyone else, and I would constantly pour over images of celebrities that I looked up to such as Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, wishing myself to be as 'perfect' as them.

Of course at that age, I thought that I was the only person to be going through this. Now at the age of 18, I'm glad to say that I have grown up to gain perspective. I've realised things like, a smile and warm personality are the most beautiful things that a person can own. That everybody is so wrapped up in how they look, that they don't give a second thought to what you or anybody else looks like. That going outside, experiencing the world, listening to good music and spending time with your friends and family, is more exhilarating and will make you feel more alive than 'looking perfect' ever will. That make up and beauty products are fun to experiment with, but going completely bare faced feels incredible.

Now I'm not suggesting that when you're in this mind set, these things are easy to realise and that they will make you feel completely secure in your self.. I still have down days wear I just don't feel comfortable in myself. But I just think, will I care about this at the end of my life? and for most people, the answer will be no. We will value our experiences and relationships and how positively we affected the world.

If you're in a stage where you're feeling down about your looks, and just want a chat please feel free to message me! Or if you feel like body weight is making you depressed or is taking over your life maybe contact one of these sites.
- www.b-eat.co.uk
- eating-disorders.org.uk

What are your thoughts on body image? How do you cope on a down day?
Yasmin xxxx

Top places I want to travel to

Hello everyone!
As you may remember in my blog post 'My Goals and Dreams for 2015', I mentioned how I just want to travel this year and experience as much as I can. So, to expand on that, I have compiled a list of places that I would like to visit, maybe this year, or maybe later in my life. My main goal in life is to see as much of the world as possible and to just enjoy myself.

Sydney, Australia
Oh Oz, everytime I see pictures of you, I just think, wow, let me be there. It looks like the most gorgeous place and I have to say this is the top place that I would like to go. I guess this stems from my obsession with beaches and the phrase 'Life's a beach' that I can just imagine myself being a complete beach bum in Oz.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Okay I have to admit, part of my reason for wanting to go here is because of 'The Fault in Our Stars'. The romantic and soppy part of me wants to go here with my boyfriend and pretend to be Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. I can totally get if you're judging me.  Apart from that, Amsterdam is such a beautiful city with a vibrant lifestyle and beautiful buildings. Luckily for me, my boyfriend and I are actually trying to save up... Yipeeeee

I think that this country looks beautiful! I want to go here and ride elephants and stay in a house that's on stilts in water. Ever since we learnt about Thailand in year three I have been captivated by this stunning place.. Not to mention Thai cuisine is mouth watering 

Cape Town, South Africa
So many people rave about this place... And I really want to see table mountain! My friend in primary school was from South Africa and her accent was just the best thing. Hopefully one day I can get here!! 

Of course there are so many more places that I would like to visit, but these are the few that leap into my mind when I think of travel. Where's the best place that you've traveled to? And whats at the top of your travel bucket list? 
Yasmin xxx

Fave drug store picks

Everyone loves a bargain, and I am a firm believer that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of 'drugstore beauty products. It's all about trying things out, and the beauty of them being from the drugstore, it's not really going to hurt you to give them a go. (Secretly... I sometimes even prefer the drugstore products...). These are my picks of some of the best stuff out there. Some of it has been raved about by countless bloggers, and some of it is completely random, never to have been touched by the blogger world before.

1) Tangle Teezer So I was very late to jump on the band wagon for this. For about two years, I just found myself 'umming and 'aaahing about sending near £12 on a hair brush. I had heard some amazing things about Tangle Teezers from not only the blogger community, but also my friends. I have very long hair now and it is always tangled as soon as I engage in any sort of movement, and since my dad (well done dad?!) bought me one for Christmas, I was amazed by it and now I can admit that I wouldn't be able to live without it. So for any one debating the somewhat high price tag for what it 'is', just do it, you so won't regret it!

2) Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks These are incredible, no other words for it. A beautiful range of colours, super affordable and well pigmented. Also if you look in Superdrug stores there is quite often a 3 for 2 deal... too much to resist in my eyes!

3) Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation I have definitely sworn by this foundation for about two years now. The coverage is medium and I feel that it would be good for people with normal to combination skin, as gives a lovely glowey finish, and is super blend- able. The glass bottle definitely makes it feel like a more luxury product as well! 

4) Topshop cream blush
This is one of the most gorgeous products I own for my cheek, it is so blend able and gives a beautiful, natural 'I've just been out in the cold' look. And as with all of Topshop's products, it comes in adorable packaging.

What are you favourite drug store products? Any thing you think is missing from this list? 
Yasmin xx

Room tour!

I finally have my room exactly perfect and I couldn't be happier with it! It is a land of floral and pink and blue! So here it is:

Duvet set: BHS
Knitted cushion: Home Sense
Owl cushion and bird cushion: The Range
Bicycle cushion:Sainsbury's
Throw: The Range
Curtains: B&Q
Fairy lights: The range

Love heart hangers: primark

Bunting: amazon

'Lifes a beach' sign: An Independant shop in Devon

Photo frame: The range
Fan: A Turkish market

Clock: Sainsbury's

Teacup: charity shop

Jewellery box: charity shop 
Dolls: kimmi junior 

Draws: homesense

frame: paper chase 

Owl coat hanger: homesense

My Goals and Dreams for 2015!

Okay it's now 9 days into 2015, so I guess that I'm a little late to the party with the whole 'new years resolution' thing, but who cares? It's never too late to start improving your life and chasing your dreams? ;)
Now I would say that I'm one of the lucky people who is more than content with the life that I live. 2014 ended in such a lovely way with successful interviews and offers for all five of my university choices to study Journalism and Media, my 18th birthday, performing in the school musical, and then a wonderful Christmas holidays and New Years.
As I head into 2015 and reflecting on what I want out of life, its not so much about improving my life, but maintaining my happiness and pushing myself to explore and experience more, and maybe make some things a bit easier in life.
So without further ado, here is what I want out of 2015!
1) To spend my money on exploring more places. With my part time job and turning 18, the power that I now have to start making my own descisions about what I want to do is so exciting to me. I have already paid for my holiday with my friends to go to a music festival in Benicassim in Spain and I plan to save up so that I can take a city break abroad to somewhere to such as Amsterdam or Prague with my boyfriend as well as my yearly holiday to Turkey with my family. I literally just want to suck up as much of the world as I can.
2) To blog more! I started this blog in the end of 2014 and it's still taking me a while to get into the swing of it, however my goal is to try and blog at least once a week. What I think is great about blogging is that I get to practice my writing skills (perfect for a budding journalist) whilst having complete power over what I want to write. I find it so therapeutic getting my thoughts out, even if nobody else finds what I say interesting, at least I'm being creative!
3) Be more active. Okay, we had to have 'traditional' one. However, I'm not saying this to lose weight or to get the 'summer body'. I want to do this to clear my mind and relax me. Although I would consider myself a happy and bubbly and sort of person, I would also consider myself to be the sort of person who gets stressed over the smallest things before I even evaluate the situation properly. My plan is to walk or run maybe once a week at first just to get out in the fresh air and keep my blood pumping, plug in my earphones and just chill out. I'm also accompanying this with making sure that I drink more water (despite already drinking loads!)
So these are the things I'm doing 2015 to make sure that I keep up my happiness and embrace it as much as possible! Like every year it will probably be one of ups and downs, but I am looking forward to the challenge! What are your goals for the new year?