Taylor Swift - The RED Tour!

Reunited with my one true love!

Ever since I was 11 years old, there has been one constant love throughout the years. Friends, boyfriends and fads have come and gone, but Taylor Swift has been one beautiful person getting me through the awkward teenage years. 

Six years later, I am now 17 and the love affair continues. On Saturday 1st February, I was lucky enough to go, along with my two best friends, to the O2 arena to see this marvellous woman for the second time! 

A few days before the concert, we bought plain white t-shirts from primark, a pack of sharpies and decorated them with our favourite Swift lyrics along with the album art. The amount of time we spent trying to get it exactly matching to eachothers was ridiculous but so worth it!
We decided to arrive at the O2 arena quite a few hours before the actual concert started, because we knew that there would be a lot going on.  One of which was the Taylor Swift tour exhibit that would be displayed in the British Music Experience museum at the O2 arena. On this day, as well as the journey through the most iconic music artists that you can ordinarily take, exclusive pictures as well as Taylor's previous tour costumes were on display.

 Through out the day we met so many other lovely fellow Swifties, as well as getting to see their very inventive costumes (one girl came as the fridge from All Too Well?!?!) Our seats were phenomenal once we got into the actual arena and some of the highlights for me were her secret song (Fearless, one of my absolute favourite songs that she doesn't perform live anymore) and the guest performance from the wonderful Ed Sheeran!

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