Mamma Mia!

So for years and years now (possibly even longer than that?!), I have been nagging everyone in my life about how much I want to see the West End stage production of Mamma Mia! I have always had a (not so) secret addiction to Abba and a few years ago I went to see a tribute band at my local theatre with my mum which was absolutely amazing, and it I'm 99% sure that the film adaptation of Mamma Mia is my all time most watched DVD.

For my birthday, my two best friends took me up to London, and I had no idea. Right from the train journey, to getting out in Covent Garden and then having a Pizza Express dinner, I was completely oblivious to what my surprise would be. Might I add that Covent Garden around this festive season is gorgeous.

The performance was absolutely amazing, and completely lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I was particularly impressed with the performance of the actresses who played Tanya and Rosie, as they were absolutely hilarious. My favourite number was definitely 'Lay all your love on me' and 'Voulez Vous'. 

This was definitely one of the best West End shows I've seen, but I definitely want to see more! What are your favourites?

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