Christmas Gift Guide - Boyfriend

'What do you buy a boy???!' this is a question that I always think whenever it comes to an occasion where I have to buy my boyfriend a present, and it always seems that my friends are exactly the same. However, this year, it seems that I have managed to formulate quite a good mix of things for my boyfriend that are both affordable, but he will use. So here we are, my first Christmas gift guide of this year...

1) Touch screen gloves... to be honest who doesn't need these? Your outside in the cold, waiting for a train, or meeting a friend, all wrapped up and then you hear it... the vibrate and 'PING' indicating you have a message. First you try to unlock your phone with your gloves on, no such luck. You then reluctantly take your gloves off and feel the cold completely numbing your hands. Too much of a palaver. I found these ones on Amazon for £4.69, but I believe that they can be found in local markets quite inexpensively too.
2) A couple of months ago, my boyfriend and I went to see 'The Maze Runner' at the cinema. For about 2 weeks afterwards he just kept saying 'That was such a cool film!!!!' I then realise that the film was an adaptation of a book franchise, and as he is an avid reader, I thought that this would make an excellent present. The one I picked up was from Waterstones for £6.39
3) So this one, I probably wont buy until the day before I actually give presents to my boyfriend. The both of us have a little tradition where we like to buy a big box of Dunkin Donuts for ourselves every so often. I found out that they now have Christmas edition donuts, that look adorable. A box of 12 is just £9.99.
Hope these ideas have helped you for a boyfriends or even any one else! Is there anything you've picked up that you're super proud of?

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