My tips for healthy skin!

Over the past few years, one of the struggles I've had with how I look, is the bad skin that naturally comes with teenage years. Around the age of thirteen, I had it all; bright red spots, white heads, black heads and all the scars once they had gone. Whilst my skin has vastly improved, as hormones and all that stuff settled down, I still managed to have a few spots come through, and my complexion wasn't always all that (sad face)

However this year, I decided to make a concerted effort to try and improve my skin, and so I had to do my research. Scouring the internet for the best remedies for good skin, and putting into practice the things that I've heard into my daily life, I came up with the following list. 3 and a half months on, the improvement in my skin has been incredible!

1. Going bare faced (almost!)
Foundation + your skin = Not a happy mix! Make up clogs up your pours, and makes them dirty, and when that mixes with the natural oils in your skin, that is when when spots have the opportunity to develop! It's a viscous cycle, you get a spot, you use foundation to cover it up, that causes more spots, so you have to use more foundation to cover it up. Soon you find yourself unable to be seen in public without it! I decided to go cold turkey and cut foundation out of my day to day life completely, and only wore it on special occasions like parties. I didn't deprive myself of make up completely, I needed eye make up and to fill in my eyebrows of course!  I'm not going to lie, it was difficult at first, but I powered through and I'm very glad I did!

2. Almonds and water and fruit
I am a massive food lover so the prospect of eating and getting a benefit from it on my skin was not going to go a miss! From my research the best foods to eat for your skin is nuts and fruit and vegetables. Some of my new favourite snacks are almonds (full of vitamin E), cashew nuts (killing bacteria and germs), grapes, carrot sticks and cucumber. Just eat lots of fresh vegetables to help nourish your skin and keep guzzling water (I tend to go for the 8 glasses a day rule)

3. Cleanse, tone, moisturise...
This one probably comes as no surprise to most of you, but this year I have really been religious about making sure I complete this twice a day, once when I wake up, and once before I go to bed. It is really important that you do this because you will need to wash off all the dirt and bacteria off of your face that builds up in your day to day life without even realising. My favourite brands that are helpful to me (with normal to combination skin) is Simple and Soap & Glory both of which are really effective and affordable

I'm not a skin expert,  but these are some of the things that have really helped me over the past few months to improve my skin, and I hope this has managed to give you a few ideas on how to improve your skin. Have you got any other 'remedies' you think I should try?

Love Yasmin x

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