Hello Everyone!

For a few years now, I have identified as a feminist. I started to understand what women's rights and equality were all about and I have become super passionate about the cause. There are so many misconceptions out there (that I for one admit I also used to believe) that totally get the wrong idea about what feminism is. While I'm not going to go into it today, I would love to write a blog post about my thoughts on feminism in the near future, so do let me know what you think.


Hey everyone!

I don't know about you, but the fact that it was officially the first day of spring on the 19th of March has got me into the mood for all things fresh and new. I wanted to update my every day makeup look to be more fresh, natural and glowing for this time of year. I'm really happy with how it's turned out, so I wanted to share it with you!


Hello everyone!

I have been a bad blogger. A very, very, very bad blogger.
I'd like to say I have an excuse for my lack of posts, but really, it's just that I've not been feeling like writing recently. I'm really not sure why as it's normally my favorite thing to do in the world! I'm hoping I can get back into it now.


Hello everyone!

It's no secret that social media is pretty much ruling the world right now. Personally I can't remember the last time that I didn't at least scroll through my social medias once in a day. Is that bad? Personally I don't think it is -whilst there are many down sides to this phenomenon (of which I'm not going to go into this blog post) - I think that the upsides are sky high and can create so many opportunities, friendships and skills along the way.

Today, I wanted to break down how social media can be beneficial to YOU by explaining what it's done for me, as a student, as a blogger and in my personal life. Let's begin!


Hi everyone!

Sorry that I have been so awful with uploading blog posts recently, I don't really know what got into me! So much for sticking to my new schedule haha. But hey, today is a new day and I want to make sure that I don't give up, so expect to see new content on my blog every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm GMT. Today I wanted to share with you some images of my weekend that I had recently in Bristol.

View from Cabot tower


Hello everyone!
It feels like absolutley ages since I have done a 'whats in my bag' post - and I have seen a lot of them around  recently which has made me want to write one! Also, I got a new bag recently and I wanted to share it with you.


Hello everyone!
I hope that you are having a good day so far. So, this year, I decided that I was going to start cooking more and making things from scratch rather than relying on shop bought sauces and meals. Yesterday, I had a butternut squash I needed to use up , so I decided that I would put it to good use and create a curry. This dish is so quick, simple and cheap - perfect for the students out there! It's also 100 percent vegetarian and I believe it is also vegan (the only questionable thing is the curry paste - I read the ingredients, and it appears to not have any dairy products, however the jar did not specify that it was suitable for vegans).

The total time this dish takes is 30 minutes and serves one person (obviously just add more ingredients for more people) - read on if you want to find out how to make this delicious dish!